Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Everybody Wants to Rule the World...

Tears for Fears - I love this song.  Its an oldie, but a goodie.

 I finally figured out why the red cat on Baldwin and Grand displays maniacal behavior when I place the food down.  He is obsessive about gulping immediately, and weaves his way in and out of my arms, my legs, my face, until I pour that food.  And when I do, and begins to gulp, he goes to the next dish I am pouring, without really eating from the first plate.  I think he may have worms?  He is thin, and I think I saw something 'back there' when he was in front of me.  I have Pyrantel, which treats one type of worm, but he may have tapeworms?  Not sure of the different worm types, I know, this is gross.  I need to do some research on cost of Revolution.  I hear that takes away all types of worms.

The cats I had neutered yesterday were released last evening.  I had a work event and left it early at 7:30 pm. only to have to go home, get kitties back in Jeep, and release them.  This was the last thing I wanted to do - it was past my bedtime, I was starving, and miserable.  It was still daylight and I knew people would be seeing what I was doing, and I would have to explain.  I did, to two young males at the house next to the vacant lot on Melville, and they seemed cool after I explained that kitty was neutered today, and given rabies shots, etc. so he wouldn't be producing any more cats that were already heavily populated in this area.  There were a few neighbors around there watching me, but I didn't feel like walking up to each person and explaining.  I should have, but I didn't feel like it.  People need to be educated about this stuff.  They should have resources to know who to call or where to turn if they want to help, if they care at all.  These are poor neighborhoods, so probably not high on their list of priorities.

One of the kitties was extremely thin and the clinic called me to ask if I wanted a combo test done (they don't just test for leukemia anymore). I agreed, but didn't hear that he was positive, thank God. I would have had them euthanize.  We just don't have enough people to care for these sick animals, and its a deadly disease.  Sad, but I would never put a cat back on the street knowing it has been tested positive for leukemia.  Nor would I FIV for that matter, I think.  FIV is nothing, but if a cat is exposed to the outdoors, its a silent killer.  The immune system is very weak.  They are fine as house pets, but not in outdoor environments.

Kittens available:  (Don't forget to click on pics to view larger pic!)






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of his opportunities and an
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  1. Revolution might not kill tapeworms, but Profender does.
    Profender for Cats:  this product kills all the worms that affect cats with a single dose, including tapeworms.
    Revolution for Cats:  Revolution is an all purpose parasite control medication for cats that does a good job of controlling fleas, round worms, hook worms, heartworms, ear mites, and sarcoptic mange mites.  I love this product for cats but it's fairly expensive if you don't need heartworm or flea control.

  2. That poor kitty! Hope you can get some dewormer in him.