Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TNR Tuesday!



OK.  So.   Today is TNR Tuesday.  I am allotted two spots at the clinic twice a week to bring in two cats for spay/neuter.  Those cats are mainly trapped in Have-A Heart traps, after I set them at various spots where I know there are cats that are not spayed or neutered.  I place tuna or sardines, or mackerel or some other smelly fish on newspaper, set it and forget it.  I drive off, do a few spots and come back to check on them.  This morning, I set THREE traps – two on Melville Street and one on Parsells Avenue.  There is a very high concentration of cats on these two streets parallel from each other.  The Parsells location where I set the trap is where Moxy and Mitzy just came from.  There has GOT to be a mother cat around there somewhere.  I went back to the first set trap on Melville and lo and behold, there was Baby Maker #1 in the trap.  MAD.  Hopping MAD.  Bouncing off the walls mad.  Covered him up, placed in Jeep, and went to the next set trap.  Nothing.  This is where Marbles is.  Marbles needs rescuing really bad.  So bad, I placed him in my carrier so that he wouldn’t set the trap off trying to get the tuna inside.  He cried and cried as I drove him around covered up.  I thought to myself, this is insane.  This poor cat is homeless, is sweet, is already neutered (former TNR), and would love for me to take him home.  But I can’t, because I’ve got 15 kittens!  And a mother!  And my own cats, and a very sick Spencer!  Its just too much!  Where would I keep him?  So after a while, and after checking back to see if I got a kitty in the trap set there, I had to let him back out.  But luckily, my brain kicked in.  There is another cat that has started to trust me, and he came up to me waiting for some good food, so I grabbed the carrier, set it upright, let kitty start eating some wet food, and I scruffed him and placed him in the carrier.  No struggle.  Sweet boy – but I knew he was not neutered as he let me ‘feel him up’ a week or so ago.  I made a mental note to get him neutered at some stage.  So that was Baby Maker #2.  Both boys, both will be neutered, and no more babies from them.  I raced back after finishing up my spots to the Parsells spot, and there was a cat in the trap!  Oh no!  I only have two reserved for me!  I went up to the trap where the cat was frantically trying to get out of, and checked the ear.  Sure enough, a former TNR.  Ear was already tipped.  I let her go. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Marshmallow is scheduled for his surgery today, so all three were dropped off at the clinic.  Ca Ching!  Ca Ching!

So I have another kitten under my wing (the Rescue).  His name is Nimbus.  His foster Mom Joy says this when she first got him over a week ago:  I'm fostering this little guy, found abandoned this morning at a busy business. He's very tiny, about 5 weeks. He was thought to be feral but really was just scared. He purrs like crazy and enjoys being held 😻. Once vetted and neutered, he'll be up for adoption.

And here we have Prairie and Peekie.  Found abandoned with other kittens at the local college, Roberts Wesleyan, Kristin offered to foster these scared semi-feral kittens.  What a fabulous job she has done so far, but the finishing touch will be with Melissa, who currently has Itsy and Bitsy in her care.  Prairie and Peekie will be spayed and neutered Thursday, and then into foster, under my rescue.  Lets get these kittens adopted!!!  Man oh man oh man!   Kittens GALORE!



Speaking of trapping.  I have a trap that doesn't work so well.  I was gifted a trap two years ago by Melissa, and what a great trap, but for some reason, two of the four traps I have - the little thingy on the side won't stay up to keep the door open.  I could really use a nice new trap.

Have a great day!

"When a flower doesn't bloom, 
you fix the environment in which it grows, 
not the flower."

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  1. If anyone is interested in purchasing a trap for Janine, the one I got her is linked here: http://www.livetrap.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30179

  2. Good job getting two baby makers! Would you say this has been a particularly big kitten year?