Monday, June 26, 2017

Ignorance and Compassion


To start off – the weekend was BANANAS.  I deliver five of my little babies this weekend to their new home.  Maddie was delivered to a wonderful couple’s home in Brighton.  Maddie joins a crazy brother – they have not bonded yet, but Mom and Maddie have, so brother will eventually come around.  Then Spice and Teddy were delivered to their new home.  They join a large dog, three adorable children, and a great mom – dad I have yet to meet.  Military family.  The best.  They have been renamed Atticus and Scout– from To Kill a Mockingbird!  Then off to grab Toesie and Rosie and bring them to their new home.   And what a beautiful home it is!  Two rambunctious yet adorable children – and a very earthy sweet set of parents.  Toesie quickly adapted, but it took a while for Rosie – I am getting good reports though that she has come around after being totally fearful of the kids – who were over the moon at these two babies joining their house.  They have been renamed Captain Toesie and Dinosaur Water Bottle.  Yes, I am a little stumped on that one too.  J  Posie was supposed to be brought to his new home Sunday morning in Churchville, but he came down with symptoms that Bear had a few days earlier.  Lethargic, not eating.  So after giving some nutritional paste and syringe formula, they have perked up a bit.  I think Mommy Destiny is sick, and because the kittens are still nursing (yet weaned), could have caught her cold.  So fingers crossed, everybody gets healthy quick.  I started treating Mommy with Doxy this morning.  I disappointed two adorable girls by not delivering Posie, but hopefully all will be good this Friday and I will deliver him then!

Saturday morning, Sunday Sheryl adopted Marshmallow!  Hurray!~  Lots of good reports coming my way – I am thrilled.  Who do I have left?  Moxy, Mitzy, Tiggy, Taco, Prairie, Peekie, Nimbus, Itsy and Bitsy! 

Speaking of who do I have left…  guess what?  I rescued another kitty on Sunday morning!  Meet Marbles from Melville Street!  I will get a better picture from his wonderful foster mom Kim soon.  Marbles was one scared kitty when I got him to my bathroom, but after pulling him out of carrier, and holding him, he quickly came around for me.  I finally got a purr, and a lot of FUR.  When cats get super nervous, they start sweating and losing their hair.  Who knew?  He will be brushed and groomed properly after I lent Kim my Furminator!  J

Of course the rescue came AFTER I encountered someone who I am referring to as an ignorant COW (description of how she looked).  As I got out to feed the kitties (all four of them) on Pennsylvania Avenue, not far from my garden spot, this woman came around from the other side of a house with a friend, and started asking me what I was doing.  It was now 4:25 am.  I told her feeding the cats.  The friend said “oh Lordy, I’m afraid of them cats!” The Cow said “I ain’t afraid of nothing!  You stop feeding them cats, get those cats out of here!”  I stood in the dark open field staring at these two, knowing that what would come out of my mouth would not be good for this situation.  I saw her get out her cell phone, with a light on it, maybe trying to shine it on me?  I decided to ignore her and continue to walk to the back of the lot to feed these very hungry, yet spayed and neutered cats who do nothing but try to survive each day, and they look forward to their one meal a day that I provide them.  I was SO angry to encounter, once again, IGNORANCE at its finest.  I am so tired of these kind of people, and there are so many out there in the poor neighborhoods.  I wanted to shout to her – look up two definitions on your phone sister…  IGNORANCE and LACK OF COMPASSION!   I firmly believe that when you are brought up in the welfare system – its generational – it just keeps going down the line, until someone is lucky enough to stop the cycle.  But in a lot of cases, if the cycle continues, and I do believe these two women are poster girls for this – you pass down these traits to your children – its generational.  IF I have offended anyone, its not my intention.  I just see too much hatred for cats in these neighborhoods where they run rampant – and I am trying to HELP!  Right now, as we speak – there are HUNDREDS of cats in between PARSELLS AVENUE and MELVILLE STREET.  Its sickening.  Leave me alone, let me help these animals!

Sunday morning I saw a baby kitten on Garson, where Sugar, Spice, Teddy and Tiggy were rescued from.  He/she was the size of Tiggy, who I figure is the runt of the litter.  I set two baby traps this morning, but I did not see him.  I will keep trying.

Thanks to a very kind person who sent me some prescription medicine that will treat ALL worms – I know – gross – but I applied it to the red cat on Baldwin and Grand Sunday morning and hoping to see some improvement soon.  I am figuring worms because this cat is ravenous every single day, and doesn’t seem to gain an ounce since I’ve been feeding him for over a year. RAVENOUS.

CARTER rescued
Finally, please keep Carter/Mr. Manley in your prayers.  He was the fluffy little kitten I fed for quite a long time on Central and Second, finally rescuing him and after finding him a loving home, I received a report that he had large lumps on his body.   Not only is it heartbreaking to me personally, but to cause another person pain when all I want is to bring joy to a family when they adopt a cat from me.  Its extra sad because his new mom lost her cat recently from brain cancer – and she was ready to give another cat love, and now Mr. Manley is very sick.  Please both him and his family in your prayers.

Have a nice day.   



  1. So J !
    What happened after you ignored the cow and her friend and went back to the feeding spot ?
    Did they follow you back there ?
    Did they continue to bother you ?
    Very sorry to hear about carter/mr Manley !
    He was adopted through hearth side wasn't he ?
    Did anyone notice any lumps while he was being prepared for adoption at hearth side ?

  2. Poor Mr. Manley! I'm praying they find the cause and are able to treat it. He seems so sweet.
    Marbles is a real cutie! So glad you got him. I'm sure he'll find his forever family soon, because he's so adorable!