Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

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So if you will all recall, last Monday, I spotted a mother cat and three kittens on Melville across from Stout.  Mother had a plastic flea collar.  I immediately got out of Jeep and brought food dishes and water to the sidewalk of the house they were hanging around at.  Mother came right over, hungry, and kittens stayed back.  I set a trap, got one of the kittens, set another, came back and another kitten was inside.  That was Itsy and Bitsy.  I drove home, got kitten trap, went back and set it, nothing.  So two kittens went to clinic that morning, and I knew they were feral – I already had 15 kittens under my wing, couldn’t keep them, and mama was out there still.  I thought I would have to return them.  10 weeks old I would guess.  Someone offered to foster.  Kittens were brought over there.  I knew there was still a kitten left.  Nearly a week went by and I didn’t see mom or the remaining kitten.  I saw them Sunday, and I was able to coax mom over again to eat, and her little one followed suit.  So off he goes into waiting carrier.  After calming this wild child down, he is now nearly ready for adoption.  He has really come around.   And guess what, I still have not named him.  But let me tell you this.  He has made such a turnaround.  Purrs all the time, doesn't hide anymore when I go into bathroom, I've been walking around the house with him, and he is on the porch now with the kittens! He was SO lonely in the bathroom.  I now need to make a neuter appointment for him and he is ready to be adopted!

So today is TNR Tuesday.  My game plan last evening was to grab the momma today.  Coax her again, scruff her, place in carrier.  No more babies.  Of course my heart aches for this little one who I took her babies from, and knowing I have to put her back on streets tomorrow.  Poor Momma.  I hope that even though your ‘owner’ doesn’t know enough to keep you indoors because you are/was not spayed, but also knows enough to feed you, or even cares about you anymore.

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LARRY from Laurelton (Brett Road)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch.  There is a cat that has been hanging around the entire neighborhood for the past four or five months, I am guessing.  May people have seen it all over the area, and have written about it on the internet and sites that involve my particular neighborhood.  I lent out a trap Saturday to one girl who lives over on another street.  She wanted to help trap.  This cat has appeared injured with red wounds on its neck, and its long fur looks like its terribly matted, or he has lumps on his body, not sure.  But really a mess of a cat.  Poor thing.  Everyone’s heart went out for that cat.  So last night, last minute, I remembered I should set a trap because I have seen this cat on my porch eating.  And its been spotted with a picture taken of him leaving my porch by my neighbor.  So trap was set.  This morning, I came down at 2:15 a.m. and there he was, in the trap!  I could not believe my eyes!  My hope is that they treat the wounds, give him antibiotics, and shave what they can.  

I am pretty proud of these two kitties I got this morning.  They are both big catches in their own respect.

Sam, Baby Buttons, and Mr. Whiskers #2 are all gone.  I have not seen the two latter in over a week, and now Sam has been missing for two days.  Its so unlike them.  I am sick over it actually.  I keep hoping to see them when I pull up on Short.  But they are not there.  They always came running to the Jeep to greet me, and ran back with me as I walked to the back of the lot.  It's an overwhelming sadness.  But I will get over it.  And the way I will get over it is to do something good for myself this weekend.  I just don't know what.  I know there is a fundraiser for Keller's Kats - and even though I would love a cat free weekend, maybe I will go there to support the girl that runs it, Karla, because she has been very helpful to me.  Without her, I wouldn't have met some very good people who have helped me immensely in so many ways.  

And then I will go off and play.  To run free through the countryside, with no cars, no houses, nothing.  To sit and listen to the sounds of silence, the birds, the bugs.  To explore, find some snakes...  I miss that from when I was growing up in the country in Spencerport.  I miss those carefree days of my life, no worries, no cares.


Man, I gotta remember this today:

"Don't let
the behavior
of others
destroy your
inner peace."

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  1. Great job getting Larry and Mama!

    I'm really sorry about Sam, Mr. Whiskers, and Baby Buttons. I pray they do show up soon. You should definitely do something relaxing or fun this weekend.