Monday, June 19, 2017


Man oh man...  its a good thing my blood pressure is on even keel....   what an EXCITING! weekend its been.  And I say that half joking, believe me.  I think only a handful of you know exactly what is happening at my house right now.  I am very calm about things, but that is my demeanor, I am usually calm about most things - where as with some, it shows up in their health.  I've been sick free for - knock on wood - years now.  That includes colds.  My joints, that's another story, but generally, I am pretty healthy.  I can thank my love of healthy eating and cooking, my love of fine wine, and the good Lord above.  Oh, and Dr. Edward Tanner, Chief of Orthopedics, where I spent an hour or so on Friday morning getting a cortisone shot in both knees.  Good as new.  For a few months, fingers crossed.

Friday started out with me delivering some very very very cute kittens.  Two black kittens.  They were from the third batch of kittens I brought into my 'rescue' when someone reached out for help.  Two of four very fluffy kittens - two grey, two black.  Two grey I named Mike and Ike, and the black I named Ben and Jerry, because of my love for chocolate ice cream!  So I deliver to this wonderful family in Webster - Ben and Jerry - while the kids are in school and have no clue that the kittens will be waiting for them when they get off the bus later that day.  I give all the instructions, wave goodbye and then did a few errands.  When I got home, what did I see?  I saw JERRY!  Sitting on my porch.  OH NO!  I delivered Ben and TOESIE!   I immediately phoned the new dad, told him of my mistake, and raced back with the right kitten, Jerry.  Poor Toesie, Poor Jerry, poor me!  :)  Good Lord, if that isn't a true sign of someone going crazy, disorganized, mentally unstable, I don't know what is.  But its a good thing I am none of those.  :)  I got home and took a nice nap, in the coolness of my new A/C.  It was a hot weekend to boot.

Saturday was another Kitten delivery - TJ!!!  TJ went to a wonderful new family who has an adult cat - Baxter? - I am patiently waiting to hear how their weekend went.  They are all in love - in fact when I left TJ, he was happily perched on his new mom's shoulder.  True love.

Sunday, another!  Sugar went to her new home!  And what a home!  She joins her new sibling Sterling, who was adopted by this family less than a year ago.  I am praying all went well for them overnight.  Can't wait to get a report!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are still a lot of kittens to be delivered, and adopted.  Spread the word!

Oh wait, in case you missed it...  so Sunday morning, I am out at 3:55 am. feeding over 100 cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester, near the public market, where I feed, shelter, and spay and neuter who I can, 365 days a year, and again - its 3:55 when I started out in the dark Sunday morning.  I arrive at Parsells location #1 and begin to pour food and fresh water on the porch of this vacant house, for the waiting cats there, and look who runs up to me.  Meet Mitzy.  The polydactyl kitten.  I named her Mitzy because her paws are so big with her extra toes that it looks like a catchers mitt.  I got her home, bathed her, and she immediately began to purr.  Poor baby.  But now a lucky baby.  Groan.  Help.  Not another kitten...


But wait!  There's more!  So this morning, its pouring rain, its 4 am. and its dark, and I arrive at the same location, and who runs up to me...  Mitzy's brother Moxy.  Yes, I grabbed him, took him back to my house, checked him out to be a boy, and named him Moxy.  What on earth...  How much more can one handle?


So the numbers:

11 - number of kittens I have in my house right now
1 - number of kittens I have left to be weaned from nursing Destiny
17 - number of kittens yet to be spayed and neutered
40 - total pounds of dry food I go through in one day to feed homeless cats
36 - number of wet food cans I go through in one day to feed homeless cats
3 - number of water jugs I take with me each day to replenish water
2 - number of spots I have at RCAC to spay/neuter two cats after trapping on Tuesday mornings
120 - how much it costs each week to spay/neuter two cats after trapping on Tuesday mornings
4320 - how much it costs from March - November to spay/neuter two cats each week
150 - how much it costs at Walmart each week for dry food
7800 - how much it costs at Walmart per year for dry food alone

Fun.  I wish the City of Rochester could help me out - its THEIR problem.  Instead, I have a small group of people that are kind enough to drop off food occasionally, have it delivered, or pay for a spay or neuter here and there.  Thank you doesn't quite seem to cut it because we all have our own expenses..  But please know how much you are helping those that have no voice out there - we are the only ones that can make a difference in their lives.  If everyone just even gave a dollar or a dime, or even your time...

This kitten thing has got to end.  Please help me by spreading the word, and foster and adopt.  Please.

Have a great day.

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” 


  1. OMG!!! ANOTHER kitten! Holy cow. Ok, I'll add Moxy to the roster. And I will call you tonight. Hang in there!! xoxo

  2. If this helps back when I got my boys I was only supposed to get 2, Manny and Maddi. Well, instead I got Maddi and Lenny. That night I call an oops call from the head of the rescue. She explained it and gave me the night to decide what to do. That night we had a wicked thunderstorm. I woke up to Lenny sucking on my sheets spooning with me. Well, I couldn't give him back but I couldn't leave Manny behind. And that's how I ended up with 3 brothers. My point, it can happen to the best of rescuers. Especially when you have so many going here or there. Your heart and soul is a beautiful masterpiece created only by out creator Himself. God bless you Janine.

  3. Glad your knees are ok !
    Don't worry about the kitten mix up- you caught it and got them the right one. I'm sure they are thrilled to have any kitten you bring them, and now they have a great story to tell the kids about the kitten fairy !
    Be prepared though - ALL the cats on parsells have heard about you now and they are all triple-dog-daring each other to run up to you next to be rescued !
    Hahahaha ....

  4. that is one awesome foot Mitzy has.. May people who need kittens find you quickly