Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TNR Tuesday

I know we all have our trials and tribulations in life.  I am not diminishing anyone else's problems, but I am lucky enough to be able to write a blog and put it all on paper.  For the world to read.  Thank you to those that do.  I sometimes feel like I just need to let go of a few things.

Today is TNR Tuesday, where the Rochester Community Animal Clinic allows me two spots to trap and get neutered two cats each week.  It's heartbreaking to not get two because it means a cat will not be neutered or spayed that could have.  Its not that I stink at trapping.  Sometimes, it just doesn't work out the way you want it.  There are many variables.  I did, however, get this little guy, or gal.  I hate doing it because I know I have to keep it caged up after surgery overnight, and then let it out to the mean streets in the morning.

Today, also on my plate, are the following:

1.        My cat Spencer is dying.  I don’t know what to do for him.  The vets yesterday, via ultrasound (close to $300) ruled out cancer and FIP.  I asked if there was something I could try, the vet told me I could try Prednisalone.  And an appetite stimulant.  Which I did.  As of this morning, he did have a few licks- am going to try another item someone suggested and see if Petco has it.  Royal Canin Recover RS. 
2.       I trapped two kittens yesterday and I think I broke one of the tails on one.  Itsy and Bitsy.  Itsy had to have partial amputation of its tail.  I feel HORRIBLE.  It was an adult trap I set, I had no kitten trap with me because I didn’t expect to see those three kittens.  I had to trap again this morning and did not see the third baby – I did set a kitten trap.  The other two are at Joy’s house right now.  I can’t thank her enough for trying to get the two 8 week old kittens socialized.  And a place for them to heal.
3.       The Jeep has an electrical failure thing going on so the window that I rolled down yesterday morning won’t roll up.  We had a torrential downpour yesterday so that didn’t help.  God knows how much this will cost because the mechanic/owner will have to take the door apart to find the wiring.
4.       My balance at the clinic for spaying and neutering was over $500 as of yesterday.  Today it will be another $60 because I successfully trapped another kitty from Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue this morning.  No luck on the others.  I trapped a kitty that had already been neutered and ear –tipped. 
5.       I’m broke
6.       I’m overwhelmed with the kittens.  Mine are fine (the five I have in my custody), I have gotten into a routine with them and the mom each morning by giving them their meds (mostly precaution now), mixing up a slurry for them to try to wean them, separating them from mom because she LOVES the slurry, giving Taco some loving, and the kittens now RUN to me when I come into the room.  I open door for Mom to wander about – she needs the exercise and time away from the little ones.   I place kittens on porch in the morning before I go to work so that they all have their space.  Kittens love each other, for sure, as they are always cuddled up in their bed out there together sleeping.
7.       I have five – possible six kittens right now that still need homes.  I have numerous inquiries and I can’t handle them all.  I am overwhelmed that I have not responded to them.  I am not cut out for this.
8.       I feel bad I don’t have all the kittens with me.  I always feel for the fosters and am I asking too much from them to foster all these kittens.
9.       I am feeling pressure about their spay/neuter.  And I am sure the potential adopters want them.  I don’t make money from this.  Its costing me more than I will be receiving in the long run.  I fear the money I have now will run out.

These are the pressures I have on my plate right now.  I’ve lost my weekends to these kittens, and I feel sometimes just so overwhelmed.  I still  continue to get up each day and head out and feed over 100 cats, see so many more that I can’t pull over for all of them to place a bowl of food and water, although I try.  My body aches.  My full-time day job can be overwhelming sometimes.  Worry worry worry.  That’s all I do.

OK, had enough?  I have.  That was probably too much information.  Oh well.  

Have a great day!  J


  1. Re Spencer- dont give up on him. Try A/D canned and the Recover liwuid. Pred actually does wonders. I have had a bunch of cats who have had IBD and B12 malabsorption and there are tests for that but since vet already put him on pred I think you should ask about giving b12 injections. Its not expensive and easy to do. Most vets will dispense some or you can mailorder a whole bottle for like $12-13. It helps with appetite and attitude and overall health. My Gracie has made a total comeback on B12 and pred.
    Carole R.

  2. Hey J !
    Can't the folks who adopt the kittens pay for the spay/neuter ? Why do you have to pay ?
    To guarantee it gets done ? Make the adopters sign a piece of paper when they take them stating they are obligated to spay and neuter ?
    You always get the adopters, so I think they will honor such an agreement.
    Feel bad about the kitten tail, but I would rather have half a tail than be DEAD.
    Just sayin ...

  3. Dammit - I meant to write VET the adopters...

  4. I agree 100% with Joel. You should be charging an adoption fee that typically covers your vet expenses for a healthy kitten. There are always going to be ones who have extra costs and donations can be used for those- but standard expenses should be repaid in an adoption fee. Any adopter who cant pay a readonable afoption fee for an already vetted kitten cant afford to take care of it properly!

  5. I am so sorry about Spencer. I hope you are able to find answers. And do not feel guilty about not having fosters at the moment. I am sure everyone understands.

  6. I would foster if I could. But will be a potential foster/adopted in the future and I agree on charging an adoption fee to cover spay/neuter

  7. I've been thinking of and praying for Spencer since you posted. Hope he's doing a little better. He's such a cutie. I know all too well what it's like to try to get a sick cat to eat. Stressful and agonizing!!

  8. Boy, God must really trust your ability to handle all this Janine.. sorry bout the tail.. gross huh? Suggestion... you know I have them... delegate a bit.. can someone else screen adopters a bit.. ? I can call their vet references etc. for you.. did this for another group., sam