Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Food, Water and Slugs

Update on Carter/Manley- from his mom yesterday:  "Just an update on Mr. Manley, our boy.  Finally his lymph nodes are down!  He doesn’t have to go back to the vets for a month!  He’s done with the meds for a month.  He’s been playing and eating like a horse!  He now jumps on my lap.  He spoons me at night and purrs loudly.  Right now he is cuddled up next to me!  He is so loved.  Sick or not I’m so thankful you let me adopt him.  He is a joy to my heart!" 

CARTER/Mr. Manley!

I could just cry.  I love this little boy, and I love his new mom.  They are just the best.  Prayers always for them both!

I released both kitties last night back into the hood.  It broke my heart doing it.  First the white cat on Melville – he had already been neutered!  After letting him out of the trap, he hung around for a minute, not knowing what was going on!  I have seen this cat every morning, so trapping him was a highlight for me, and hopefully he has a family that just lets him out on this dangerous street.  Oh well, he is now eartipped, and good to go on his vaccinations!  The second one was hard also.  Probably was once someone’s beautiful cat.  I hate going back into these neighborhoods in the evening.

MITZY loves boxes!





Tiggy playing peek-a-boo!

Tiggy, Moxy and Mitzy love to lay on me and snooze in the morning.  Hard to get a picture of Tiggy, she is always moving!  Here are a few of Moxy and Mitzy I took also. 

All three are available for adoption!  Please consider!  :)

This morning's breakfast delivery was uneventful.  I see the oddest things, and have to wonder.  How did one of the slowest creatures in God's creation - the slug - get up onto a platform of a shelter, and into a food plate.  You just have to wonder.  I had to move the slimy little things - two of them! - out of the way.  If you touch one, you will never get the slime off.  I always use a leaf of some kind to pick them up.  Remember last year, when I stepped on one, and slug juice squirted into my face? How gross was THAT!  In case anyone is interested, here are some great facts on SLUGS!  :)

Have a great day!

"A flower does not think of competing
to the flower next to it.
It just blooms."


  1. Hahaha ...
    Have you ever seen the movie Turbo with the snail who races in the Indy 500 ?
    That's how they got in there !
    I guess slug juice to the face and picking up dead rats that are flat and light as a piece of cardboard are just hazards of being a feral cat caregiver !

  2. That's an answer to my prayers about Mr. Manley! Why were his lymph nodes swollen in the first place?

    I really want to smooch that little Miss Tiggy!! She's got the cutest petite face.

  3. I know that was hard.. and you do it all the time.. but I know it doesn't get easier.. we thank you for your strength and this ongoing cause...