Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TNR Tuesday

Today is Trap Neuter Return day – that’s what Tuesdays are to me.  I got three traps ready in the back of the Jeep, lined the bottom of each with newspaper, and then tossed in some yummy smelling salmon or tuna.  I then set out for Spot #1.  Melville – the first Melville spot where I’ve had a history of rescuing many cats, and TNR’s many cats.  My second Spot was up the same street, to where I call Melville #2 feeding spot.  This is where the leftover kitties moved to that I tried to move all from away from the house that was being renovated on Parsells because they were losing their home. There are a few stragglers left, and a few of those not neutered or spayed.  Next, I set the third trap on the corner of Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue.  There are some regulars there, who wait for me, but others that I don’t see come after I leave.  I then began feeding at my locations on the Back Nine – west of Bay and Goodman – I did a few spots, and went back to check on the traps.  Voila, got this pretty boy at Ferndale and Webster.

Ferndale & Webster TNR 062717

Next, went back to Melville #2 and Voila!  Got this pretty white boy.  Very displeased, the both of them, but they won’t be having any more amorous adventures with the females that roam these streets.    To sum up the third trap I placed at Melville #1, I trapped the same grey cat, twice.  The one that I pet each morning, and have been feeding for a few years now.  Silly boy. He just never learns.  I had to let him out, twice.

Melville TNR 062717
Both cats will be neutered and given rabies and distemper shots.  And I will let them back out in the morning.  I hate that part.  Hate it with a passion.  But it must be done. We don’t have enough fosters, or adopters.  The white cat seems somewhat friendly too.  Let me touch his nose through the trap as he cried out loud.

After wrapping up most of my feeding spots, the second to last one – back on Parsells – where my huts were trashed last Wednesday – I heard my name being called.  It was Lisa.  Crazy Lisa.  Lisa who lives two doors down from this spot.  She said ‘hey Janine (yes, she knows my name!), what’d they do with the huts?”  Actually, she was trying to say that, but it didn’t come out that way.  Lisa is psychotic and puts certain words in sentences that don’t make sense.  But this time she seemed somewhat cohesive as she knew the huts were gone, and said it must be the guy got out of prison and is going to move back in.   And then she offered her property if I wanted to put huts there for the cats.  I nearly choked.  I said, thanks, but no thanks Lisa.  

Now the last time I saw Lisa, she came over to strike me.  I had called the police on the advice of a cop friend, who said if you don’t press charges, she will keep doing the same thing.  But she was being nice.  She looks like a mess, and was standing there in her dirty clothes, hair all over the place (oops, so is mine…) and smoking a cigarette.  She then started talking about cats with their head split open, and drinking sterile water, and putting them in bags and cleaning them with sterile water, because they itch itch itch…  So yes, Lisa has been known to torture animals in the past.  She has had numerous visits by the police, and humane society enforcement officers.  Her landlord is aware that Lisa is not allowed animals in her house.  I was thinking – I don’t think she – if she were ‘normal’ – would hurt an animal, I just think she is so messed up that she doesn’t realize that she is hurting the animal.  And I genuinely believe that by her offering her property to put my huts on, she was trying to be kind, in her messed up way.  So, that was my encounter with Lisa today, and we go way back.  There is another crazy looking dude that lives ‘above’ Lisa supposedly – name is Jim.  A mess of a guy, but seemed ‘normal’ to talk to this past Saturday when he walked past me and Saturday Sheryl as we placed shelters back on this spot.  He said Lisa loves the cats, and when I said she tortures them and she is not allowed to have cats, he said ‘well … yea… ‘.

Are people with schizophrenia dangerous?
Whilst the myth that all schizophrenics are violent is not founded in the evidence, it is the case that people living with schizophrenia are more at risk of dangerous behaviour such as suicide or violence while they are poorly.

Thankfully violent behaviour is comparatively rare. Most people with schizophrenia are never violent and indeed do not display any dangerous behaviour. However a small number do become violent when they are suffering from the acute symptoms of psychosis because of the influence of the hallucinations and delusions on their thinking. Studies have found that in cases of dangerousness, it is the delusions that are usually more influential in causing the dangerous behaviour than the hallucinations. However tragically it is also the case that many people with schizophrenia harm themselves and very often they succeed in killing themselves.

There you have it.  Another day in Paradise...

Have a good day.

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