Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Did It Again!

Some days, its just not worth getting out of bed.  That is the way this day has turned out thus far. 

Maybe I am wrong about that.  I DID rescue this baby this morning on my rounds.  I was on Garson, before I even got out of the Jeep, I spotted a tabby, looked like the one I TNR’d weeks back, the mother of the litter I found a month ago, Rosie, Toesie, Posie and Bear.  With the tabby, I saw the baby kitten that I spotted this past Sunday.  I hesitated, wondering if I should set the trap this morning, but wasn’t prepared to because of the time constraint in getting back home and ready for work.  I have set the trap a few mornings since the first spotting, but no kitten had been around.  So I trekked to the back of the lot, poured the food and water for the hungry adult kitties there, and walked back to the Jeep.  When I was just about there, I spotted THREE kittens.  And one of them was SO HUNGRY, it was intent on eating the food I had already poured on the sidewalk for George, the other cat that waits for me each day, and doesn’t seem too interested in going back to the shelters in the back of the lot except in the winter when its too cold out.  I couldn’t believe that this one kitten didn’t run from me.  So I grabbed it.  Long story short, he/she is a purr ball, and I am so thankful I got it.  Very very thin.  Very hearty appetite though.  Bath time when after work today.

Today I must buy a digital scale, because I’ve now had SIX kittens that were scheduled for neuter/spay returned from vet due to their size.  Too small still.  Kittens need to be well over two pounds.  Not only were Mike, Ike, Ben and Jerry returned, but it turns out that Jerry should be JERRI.  He’s a girl.  Now that is embarrassing.  Although as the vet said, it can be difficult to determine when they are that young because sometimes the testicles don’t descend right away.  Ugggh. 

More appointments, more trips, more everything.   I am going bananas.

Have a nice day.


  1. Everyone run for your lives! Kittens are taking over the world!

  2. Is it just me or do there seem to be more kittens this year than ever before!!! Wow. So glad you got that one. Kittens are so much easier to adopt out than adult cats, I think.