Friday, June 23, 2017

Another One GONE

Its Friday.  Its been a very long week.  I have two days to recoup.  But recoup is not what I will be doing.  My normal summer Saturday mornings used to be cleaning.  I am a bit of a neat freak, so once that was done, I would be able to sit back, admire my work:  my house and yard -  do my cooking for the weekend, and play in the garden.   Instead, I will be delivering kittens all Saturday morning.   And then the same thing Sunday morning.  So my Saturday will be a tough one, and Sunday will be a blur.  I will look back on Monday and wonder where the weekend went.  Thank GOD I have FIVE days off starting the Friday before July 4th.  Now THEN I will recoup.  And have less kittens in the house.

I was out feeding this morning and felt at peace. I didn’t have to think about what was happening at the house – the birds were chirping, it was so peaceful and quiet.  That was until I got to one of my Parsells locations, where I just rescued Mitzy and Moxy, and I found all my shelters gone.  Tarp and all.  Yesterday was trash day in the city.  All gone.  I placed paper plates down and a water bowl for the hungry cats waiting there.  I must find out what’s happening at 392-394 Parsells Avenue.  Anybody know?  I've been feeding on this porch for quite a few years.  Its just houses away from Crazy Lisa.  It had nothing to do with her, guaranteed.   I get disgusted with mankind when this happens.  Knowingly harming the safety and shelter of a helpless animal. 

I was in a panic when I got home because I could not find Taco.  He is SO little.  My routine is to bring all the kittens, minus Taco and Destiny, out to the porch to romp around.  They love it out there.  When I went to check on Taco, he wasn’t to be seen.  But after about 30 minutes looking ALL over the house for him, there he was cuddled up in the back of a closet.  The little rascal.

Yesterday, Teddy, Tiggy, Mitzy and Moxy were brought to the clinic for neuter and spay.  I received a call after they were dropped off telling me that the doctor recommended that Tiggy not be spayed, she was still too little.  Tiggy is the little runt.  Half the size of her sibs.  So we did a bait and switch and brought Spice up to the clinic, while little Tiggy went all the way home.  Ha. Did you get that?  J

SPICE and TEDDY chillin' after surgery yesterday
Tiggy was ravished after not having breakfast that morning because of the surgery, so happily the little thing gobbled up her food.  This Tuesday Mike, Ike, Ben and Jerry will be neutered.  The second week in July will be Bear, Rosie, Posie and Toesie!  Marshmallow was done this past Tuesday.  Who we have left are Tiggy, Prairie, Peekie, Nimbus and Taco.  Somewhere in between all this will be Destiny.  That cat has worked her tail off the past two months.  She has nursed how many kittens?  10?  Five of her own, but unfortunately they all died.  Then she took on Bear, Toesie, Rosie and Posie, and Taco.  Such a great mom to them.  Just this morning, I left Destiny on the spare bed – I had brought Taco up on the bed to be with her.  She was playing with him, and then licking him.  Such love.

Bear 05/23
Bear has not been feeling well.  I saw junk in his eye yesterday morning and began him on regular drops of Tobramycin.  He’s lost weight.  Eating very little.  I did open a jar of baby food and mixed it with formula and he ate that last night, but didn’t want it this morning.  So I put it in syringe and squirted some into his mouth.  And then I squirted it all over him and me.  What a mess.  These cats will be the life of me.  I left him with momma on the bed too.  Maybe he will nurse a bit and gain some strength.  He eye already looks better.

Baby Buttons and Mr. Whiskers #2
Any good news?  Yes, Baby Buttons is back.  Short Street.  He was there three mornings ago and has been ever since.  Mr. Whiskers #2 is still missing.  Baby Buttons looks weary and dirty.  I can’t imagine what life has been like for the past two weeks he’s been missing.  If only they could talk.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Have a great day.

              Rules for HAPPY LIVING

  1. Count your blessings, not your troubles
  2. Live ONE DAY at a TIME.
  3. Say “I Love You.”
  4. Be a GIVER, not a taker.
  6. Pray EVERYDAY.
  7. Do at least one GOOD DEED a day.
  8. Learn to count (keep priorities in line).
  9. Let NO little and/or imaginary things bother you.
  10. Practice a “DO IT NOW” habit.
  11. Fill your LIFE with GOOD.
  12. Learn to LAUGH and CRY.
  13. SMILE and the world will smile with you.
  14. Fear nothing and no one.
  15. Let go and let GOD take over.


  1. 392-394 Parsells has not paid taxes since July of 2016. They owe $5238 in taxes according to COR website. Also has 10 open code violations and is an 'open foreclosure case". That being said, 'technically', it's still owned by the mutt that hasn't paid.

  2. God and your big heart are continuing to give you the strength of ten people Janine