Friday, June 9, 2017

Gone Gone Gone...

The house on Third and Central.  Where many a cats were rescued.  Charlie being the last.  Where many cats took shelter from the harsh brutal past winters.  The shelter across the way should provide housing when they need it, although last count, six, there are only three shelters there.  So either they buddy up, or they will travel elsewhere.  Its always a shock to see.  One day the house is there, the next its not.  And they are so thorough cleaning up.

Charlie 6/7/17 - just chillin with his Dad

My mornings are spent opening up and mixing up so many jars and concoctions of food for Spencer.  He just isn't eating much.  I have given him his second dose of Mirtazapan for his appetite, but it doesn't seem to be working.  He is coming down morning and night when he hears me, but he drinks a bit of water, and licks a few licks of baby food (this morning it was baby food, yesterday it was the AD prescription stuff, and last night it was tuna mixed with warm water).  I've tried just about everything, including baby food.  I will pick up more cans of tuna today to see if he will be attracted to the juice, which he loved a few days ago. I've got more open cans of this and that.  That's all I do is follow him around with a plate of something.  I give him his dose of B1 along with the prednisolone.  And cuddle and kiss him of course.

Baby Buttons and Mr. Whiskers #2 have been gone for three days now.  I am heartbroken thinking the worst.  Its not good, whatever has happened.  I've been feeding them here for YEARS.  Not one day would go by when at least Baby Buttons wasn't there.  Sam continues to run to me, and now we have Big Red #2 from 4th and Pennsylvania who somehow wandered down this way and has been here consistently each morning.  Big Red is an old dude.  He has allowed me closer and closer over the  years, but not quite ready to be petted.

Toesie looking up at me this morning 💓

I will finally figure out the kitten situation hopefully today.  I am also asking a friend to come clip all the kittens nails in the morning tomorrow, as I will have all of them on my porch again for visits from their new 'parents', and prospective parents.  The dates are set for the spay and neuters, along with their first vaccines at that time.

My last view as I left the house this morning...  💓
cats, what have you done to my stool???
So there you have it.  Another exciting week.  And onto the weekend.  Cooking, cleaning, visiting, relaxing.  Say a prayer for all the babies out there yet to be rescued.  Again, I am making a plea for new fosters.  There are so many that are ready for a home.  Please consider.

PS, the man who reached out to me from the hood saying he had food and other items for me was out yesterday so I never got around to going over there.  The Jeep cost me $250 for parts and labor for pulling apart the door and fixing the wiring.  Yikes.

Have a great day.

"May our hearts be large
enough to include those
who don't look, sound, or
emote like we do."


  1. Praying for Spencer !
    Thanks for the Jeep update J !
    So nice you pay attention to your fans.
    We all love what your doing even if we are too busy (or broke) to help you as much as we want.
    We really care about you !

  2. J. Giving fluids won't cure Spencer but it will make him so much more comfortable and it may even stimulate his apatite. You must have a friend that can show you how.

  3. I've been thinking of you and praying for Spencer. If he's not eating he's probably nauseous. I don't know what his disease is, but with Sierra's liver failure, I gave her a quarter pill of a 10 mg Pepcid AC, per the vet. It helped with the overproduction of stomach acid that liver failure can produce. Also, he gave her some metaclopramide (Reglan) to help with the nausea. It didn't fix her, but I think it made her more comfortable so she could eat. I still had to beg sometimes and let her eat on the bed so she didn't have to go far for her food! Having a sick cat is so stressful and heart-wrenching. :(