Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hello Blog!  I've missed  you!  :)  In the midst of this holiday weekend, I discovered I can't find ONE PAIR of shorts!.  I've been wearing light summer dresses, but when I want a pair of shorts to go with a cute top, I can't find anything.  Unbelievable.

Just like this weekend.  Unbelievable.

Lets start backwards, it will help me to remember.

Monday night I got an annoying phone call, around 9 pm.  Now I go to bed at 7.  Although I was at the Ring of Fire on Conesus Lake, yearly family thing, but as usual, I leave before the ring of fire because of one thing or another to do with cats - at home.  PLUS, I have to get up at 2 am.  The ring of fire doesn't start until 10 pm.  And its always a good time with fireworks and all.  But I miss it every year because I have to get up.




So the phone is ringing and ringing.  I don't answer.  I check my texts.  Picture of baby kitten with eyes half shut because of infection.  Its my friend's daughter.  I text her to take it to emergency clinic to drop off.  I just can't handle another.  She is on her way to clinic and calls them - they tell her it will be $200, she says she doesn't have it.  Oh well.  Phone rings again.  I was really pissed off, but knew I couldn't turn my back.  Some people would, for sure, saying they have too many this, too many that, but I couldn't do it.  So I get up - 9:30, and meet her on porch.  Tiny baby kitten. (SQUEEKY) Eyes gook.  I clean out, and put drops in them.  Feed kitty, show her litter box, and go back to bed.  Get up at 2, eyes look a little better, more medicine.  Go out and feed 100+ cats.  Come back.  Deal with ALL THE KITTENS I HAVE NOW.  Eyes look much better on Squeeky.  Brownie's eyes all good now too.

POSIE now named BAILEY
Monday I brought Posie out to his new home, where he was renamed Bailey.  What a sweet family.  Look at these pictures!

Sunday morning, a friend helped me trap the remaining two kittens on Garson.  Meet Fudgie and Chippie.  Both boys, both scared, but not as bad as they were Sunday morning.  I have not yet had the reunion to meet up with their sister, Brownie.

Saturday, meanwhile, Sunday Sheryl was my ride-a-long and of course I saw a cat on the side of the street.  I just had to get out to feed it.  After pouring the food, the little one came over to me, and WHOA.  Very pregnant.  And very young to be pregnant.  I scooped it up.  Yup.  So now I have a pregnant cat in the midst.  No clinics were open.  There is nothing I can do.  I have no spots until Tuesday.  So kitty may be having her babies, and any day from the looks of it.  Sunday Sheryl offered to foster.  Thanks Sheryl.

My cop friend asked if I can take her kittens she just rescued and put them with my friendly kittens to try to socialize these little monsters.  Meet Ernie Chip and Robbie.  My Three Sons?  Totally freaking adorable.  My first meeting with Ernie (Killer) was a bite on the lip.  although their teeth are so little, it was really only a scratch.  But a bleeder nevertheless, and it looked like I had chocolate ice-cream on my lip all weekend.  (PS, Laura may change their names!)




Friday was a blur.  I brought Spencer to a vet where they drained two pounds of fluid from his belly, and gave him fluids.  He's gone downhill hard since then, and today is the day.  I am sickened over losing my friend.  I love him so much.

Thursday I had to bring two kittens to the vet - Brownie was on his deathbed, and Toesie was not doing well either - that was another $250. they were given fluids, meds, and a prayer to get well.  Toesie's latest report is that he is back to normal and running like a madman with his brother Rosie (Dinosaur).

Finally, today is the day I have to say goodbye to my buddy Spencer.  I will miss that little boy laying on my bed each night, and coming up for a cuddle before he settles in.  I will miss his beautiful golden eyes, and his gentleness.  Mommy will see you again little Buddy!  For now, the Lord above will take care of you until then.  Sweet dreams little man.


  1. I can't believe how crazy things on the kitten front for you. Yet you manage to deal with all of it and I know you will find wonderful homes for all these babies. What you do is truly incredible. I am so sorry about Spencer. What a sweet soul. It is SO incredibly hard to say goodbye. I will be thinking of you and spencer.

  2. Awwwww !
    Very sorry for Spencer.
    I will say a prayer for him and hope he will be there along with all the other little friends you have made over the years when you cross the bridge to be with them.
    It was great to see you on the 4th ! What an awesome surprise ! You looked fab-you-lous !

  3. Need shorts, ,cut a pair of jeans! sorry about Spencer.. hope you can rejoice in the time you had.. you are amazing

  4. Sweet Spencer. He looks like such a gentle soul, almost angelic. He's with the angels now, completely healthy and running free with his friends. I'm praying for you! God bless you!

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