Monday, December 12, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! TOMMY and ALLA!!!



A great big thank you to Mr. (oops, he wants me to call him by his first name!  I am not used to that!  :) ) TOMMY and ALLA for Feeding a Cat for Christmas!!! Let me tell you a little bit about "Tommy".  :)  I worked at a very prestigious law firm at one point of my life.  Nearly 10 years.  I worked for senior partners in litigation, Tommy was a partner at this firm, and I always looked up to the senior partners, they were like Gods in the world of law.  I viewed him at the time a bit 'eccentric', but very cool, his assistant was Gloria I think, and I  knew his beautiful blond wife owned a salon of some sort - these are my memories of 'Tommy', and when he reached out to me recently, maybe 20 years later, he didn't know it was me that worked at the firm.  He just wanted to thank me for doing what I do after reading about me in the paper, or seeing the news.  I was totally flattered, and let him know who I was.  I am not sure if he really remembers me, but its a great story nevertheless.  :)  At the time, he was MR. _______, as all the senior partners were referred to by the secretaries!  :)  that's why when he said to call him TOMMY, I was horrified!  :)  Thank you Tommy and Alla, for providing enough to feed the cats out there for 12 days!  Woo hooooo!

Here is what TOMMY has to say:

"Over the years I have owned 12 cats, all of which belong in the ‘Janine The Bean Hall of Fame”.  My wonderful cats were in order:  Putsey (shorthair), Leo (Angora) Paris (White Persian) Coco (Himalayan) Billie Jean (Domestic Shorthair rescue) Princey (Silver Persian) Freddie (Black Smoke Persian) Princess (Blonde Persian) Axel (Herringbone and White Norwegian Forest Cat) Virgil (Black and White Norwegian Forest Cat) Pita (White and Black shorthair rescue).  Pita is still alive and well, the rest are in cat heaven.  This group of cats together have provided me comfort from 1941 to the present, a total of 75 years.  Surely I need to find a way to commemorate their splendid role in my life.

I have communed with the cats and they have decided unanimously  that each of them want to feed your brood for 1 day.  I am enclosing our check to cover the 12 days of Christmas.  Most of all, Alla and I want to thank you for getting up each morning and giving all of your homeless cats a breakfast.

We also want to wish you a pleasant holiday and lots of good things for 2017."

DIXIE this weekend. - isn't she adorable?  ANOTHER GRATIFYING rescue!
Just a note regarding this weekend and this morning.  The snow was not much fun today - we had about two inches to add to the other inch or two we received over the weekend.  Shoveling snow.  The cats were all waiting for me to feed them, and I know how grateful they are to see me every morning when I pull up.  Thank you to all that have provided and OFFERED shelters  - a special thank you to Kathy Maltby - she came over this weekend and dropped off a bunch of large Styrofoam shelters.  I am so grateful.

Tomorrow I will tell you about setting up a shelter at an apartment complex in Webster for a girl who reached out to me for help.  I will also tell you about the kitty I rescued Friday morning who is being fostered by a wonderful girl named Rachael.  Kitty is very sick, but Kristin and I went over yesterday and gave it a bath and the water was blood red, extremely flea bitten.  Never saw so many fleas.  I know it feels much better today, and I thank God I got this cat in time.

Have a great day.

“Only by giving are you able to receive more
than you already have.”


  1. God bless you Tommy & Alla for all the generousity you have shown to the City kitties over the years! I can only hope one day I will be half the people you & your wife are!

  2. What a great story and a wonderful way for Tommy and Alla to honor all their kitties, past and present.

    Poor Misty. I hope she's feeling better soon. I'm sure getting all those nasty fleas off will help immensely.