Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! LISE B.!!!

Lise!  Thank you LISE B.!! for helping me to Feed Many Cats for Christmas!  I met Lise years ago when she was volunteering for Lollipop - I don't recall what I was doing there - maybe I had volunteered to help with a gala they were having, or once had - not sure they have those anymore - regardless, this is also where I ran into my old friend from grammar school.  We all made an instant connection.  I am grateful to have Lise back in my life.  What a sweetie... Thank you!

DASHER - Available for Adoption
An update on Dasher.  Dasher and his foster mom met me at the vet on Monday to discuss his aggressive behavior toward his foster mom.  The vet we met, I just love this man - he gave me second opinion on two of my cats - Patches - God rest his soul - didn't make it, but Spencer did, and with medication, enjoys a healthy life in my home.  He spent a good 30 minutes with us talking about behavior in animals, and he firmly believes that its TIME that will cure Dasher, and most likely, that's it.  These cats come off the streets and have had to fend for themselves, fight for the food, etc.  They get rescued, and are enclosed in a room, and have no other way to let their fear out.  By yesterday, Dasher was already calming down.  Dr. G. gave Foster Momma several tips and pointers, and introductions to the dogs and other cats have slowly been made, and with success!  Dasher will soon be ready to go to his forever home, and hopefully with people who realize the needs and challenges these cats face when rescued from the streets. The doc figured he is between 1-1/2 to 2 years old, and with a clean bill of health!  He is gorgeous to boot!


Fluffypants – UPDATE!  Fluffypants is going to be adopted by his foster mom.  Yes, another ‘foster failure’, but its not really a failure.  Alaine and Bill have been ‘bitten’ by the cat bug for a while now.  They suffered heartache when they had to give up fostering Paddy because another kind person who wanted to adopt him.  So when they got Fluffypants to foster, they knew they found the perfect cat to join their household.  Who knows, maybe they will want to foster again in the future.  For now though, I’ve lost a foster.  We need more fosters!  HELP!

Dixie – guess what???  Dixie is also being adopted!  A wonderful rescue group reached out to me yesterday offering one of their former adopters to meet Dixie.  The president of the group thought there was just something about Dixie that this wonderful family was looking for.  So she came and got her yesterday after I got home from work, brought her to the family for an hour long meet and greet, and they fell in love with Dixie!  I will be bringing her to her new home on Friday, my day off.  There was another wonderful family that wanted to give Dixie a home, but I had to turn them down.  I felt horrible about it, and I won’t post why, but they were a very nice family also.  When I give a little kitten away, its like my own child, and I have to do what I feel in my heart.  The situation has to be perfect.  Not always for the adult cats, but for kittens, it must be.  I want to thank my friend Melissa for all she does for me, and the kittens and cats she has fostered.  She  has helped change the lives of so many to become good companions ready for adoption.

Scenes from this morning:

Rescuing is hard work.  Sitting on the sidelines is easy.  You see this pretty kitty?  Everyone wants me to grab the pretty kitties but don't always speak up about the other not so pretty ones - especially when I post their pictures on Facebook.  But the reality of it is, I don't always have room in my house for another to hold while trying to adopt that cat out, or to get it the needed medical attention all cats do when they are first taken off the street - and who is going to step up and say 'I will take it, I will have it spayed or neutered, I will have it tested, and I will try to adopt it out, and if its positive for FIV or Felv, I will keep it as my own, or do what I have to do for this animal.'  I NEED MORE FOSTERS!   


New kitty where Luna was rescued on Chamberlain and Parsells - I fed this morning again.

Central Command Post:  This shelter below looks like a homeless person shelter.  But its the best I can do right now - I added another brown tarp to the left as you can see - just this morning.  I hope and pray someone doesn't come along and destroy it - it houses several young kittens and adults.  Its really an eyesore and is very obvious in broad daylight.  I wish I had more help in figuring this location out.  Click on the pics to see up close.

Have a great day!

"Words have the power to build, and they have the power to destroy.  Choose your words and your tone of voice wisely.  Do this while speaking to others and to yourself.  Keep your words positive.  IF you need time to choose your words, remain silent for a few moments.  This will bring more joy to your relationships and your life."

I need to remember this more often!


  1. Would it be possible to post some of these cats, at least the ones you have assessed to be ababdoned or lost pets, on Lost and Found pages or Craigslist Lost and found? Its a longshot but as with Luna, you never know! Carole R.

  2. Such great news! Thanks for all you do Janine.