Friday, December 23, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! ELAINE V.!!!!

Thank you ELAINE V.  for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  Elaine read about me in the newspaper, and offered to help out to feed some kitties for Christmas.  I am so grateful to Elaine.  Although I've never met her, talking to her makes me feel good.  A sweet and kind older woman, with a heart of gold!

I've been noticing a tabby kitty that looks rather bulky in the middle on Parsells.  She comes right up to eat, she seems so hungry.  I had reached out to see if any rescues could take her, and after a day or two, got the OK to rescue under the condition that a vet had to see her to confirm her pregnancy.   Otherwise, they will not take her.  I can see their point.  I went ahead and grabbed her this morning. She does seem like a nice cat.  No hissing, let me pet her through the carrier door, and I placed food in her carrier and she started to gobble it up.  Its just disappointing because I will have to return her to the streets.  I am naming her SUNSHINE for now.


I cannot take in another cat while I have people out there - three to be exact - fostering cats for me.  Its not fair to them.  One is having a hard time with her charge, and needs to return him to me because of his aggression toward her.  I feel terrible about that and it will take a toll on me and my house when he has to be returned.  We are going to see what the vet says about this the day after Christmas, Monday, and hope that they might have a solution.

Otherwise, it was the usual morning out there.  I saw these prints - most likely a dog, leading to my shelters on Pennsylvania.  The next pic is of the kittens and others on Central and Second.  Hungry little things. I need to do more trapping there. 

This next picture - I saw a cat dart from under a car on Parsells and Chamberlain and I got out to put food and water for it.  It came right up to me, hungry.  I would say this is someone's cat, but probably is a stray.  Lost.  If anyone can post this picture far and wide, I would appreciate it.  Lets find her home.

Have a great day all!

"When faced with difficulties, you have a choice.  You can choose to explode or you can respect those around you and proceed calmly.  Choose calmness reduces the stress of all involved, results in better decisions, and promotes longevity.  Learn from the situation and move on."


  1. That black and white kitty on parsells and Chamberlain is definitely the one I sent to you months ago her name is Luna and I texted you her owner's phone number I will see if I can find it again I sure hope. Please look for it yourself in your text it was several months ago I have her picture on my computer and just compared it and it is absolutely definitely her!Can you get her?

  2. Janine this is definitely Luna!!!! I emailed and texted you the owners number. I hope you can find her again (or he can)

    1. I called him and sent him the picture and gave him your numbers and he is SO thrilled! And so am I!!! Merry Christmas and hoping for all lost kitties to be home soon!