Monday, December 19, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! DONNA S.!!!

DONNA S!, thank you SO much for helping me to Feed a Cat For Christmas!!! Donna has been very kind by helping me to help the animals I feed.  Thank you DONNA!

Pics from this morning:  
This cat on Parsells is the FLUFFIEST CAT I've EVER seen.  She wouldn't stand still.  :(

So far this winter, which has not even begun, has been a tough one.  There is just enough snow to make it uncomfortable for me to get out of my car 16 times each morning beginning at 4 am., and trek to all 16 locations where I have shelters set up that can house up to 8 cats – some more elaborate than others.  All are hidden pretty much, most in back of lots which are not  easy to trek to with the hard crunchy snow.   There have been many mornings now where I’ve had to bring the shovel, to make a path around each shelter so that they can come out and stretch, and do whatever they have to do after being cooped up in a box all night.  And not all of them have that luxury.  Some don’t know enough to find one of the many ‘boxes’ I have out there for them.  Or they are filled with other cats taking shelter.  On top of that, I place towels down on the ground or porch for them when they eat so that they don’t have to stand on a frozen surface.  I try my best to make it as good and comfortable for these animals each day as possible.

I found this near my shelter on Short Street this morning.  I have no idea what kind of carcass this is, but it was pretty much all in tact.  Turkey?  Chicken?  Something else?  REMEMBER TO CLICK ON PICS TO SEE CLOSER!

There are two cats which I spoke of last week – one I was holding, and the other was named Jane by a girl who said she would take in this sweet older cat.  Both disappeared the day after, and haven’t been seen.  I look for them every day and will continue – and when I can, will rescue them.


My boy SPENCER (looks like he is nursing that stuffed mouse!)
This Christmas campaign has been very successful.  I want to thank everyone for your help.  It seriously does cost $40 a day for me to purchase the food JUST TO FEED the cats that are out there.  The medical expenses are a whole other story.  With the donations I’ve received, I probably have about two months out of 12 covered.  I am SO APPRECIATIVE.  SO ARE THE CATS.  I will be highlighting each person who has made a contribution, and remember, contributions not only come in the form of cash, but also drop offs of bags of food and canned food, gift cards, pasta - J , and even peanut brittle!  (the peanut brittle and pasta people also donated food).  J 

I also purchased a book with daily inspurrations, and will be featuring a reading from each page of this book daily here on this blog.  These are meant to be uplifting to the soul, and I for one am uplifted after reading them.  I hope they do the same for you!

Have a great day!

"Be an instrument of peace.  Like an instrument carries and radiates music, make an effort to carry and radiate peace each day.  Peace begins in your mind.  It settles into your body, it can be seen on your face, and it can be heard in your words.  This world needs peace and it can begin with you."

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  1. I'm so glad the Christmas fundraiser was so successful! Two months worth of food is nothing to sneeze at. (There's an old saying!)

    I don't know how the cats that don't use the shelters manage to survive in this cold. I hope the other two you were looking for show up soon, poor things. I'm glad the temps are going up this week.