Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! CHRISTINE G!!!

Thank you CHRISTINE G. for your generous gift to help me feed the kitties in the Beechwood section of Rochester for Christmas!   You are so giving and kind.  I've 'met' some wonderful people by doing this blog, and feeding the cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester in the past 20+ years.  I think I am nuts. Certifiably.

The temperature was much milder out there this morning.  I was planning on grabbing a kitty I think might be pregnant on my first Parsells stop.  She lets me feel her belly, but then hisses.  The past two mornings she has come around – prior to that she sits at the bottom of the steps waiting for me to finish up pouring the food.  She let me pet her during those mornings.  Today I went to grab her by the scruff, like I always do when I am going to rescue a cat and place them in a carrier, but this time I didn’t get her scruff just right.  The correct way will immobilize them long enough for me to place in carrier, but the carrier was too far away for this awkward grab, and she struggled immensely, so I had to put her down.  BUT, she did not run away, she stayed and ate.  I gave her a pat and told her I would try again.

Onto the next stop on Parsells where I’ve counted 15 cats at one time.  Shelters on the porch of this vacant home, along with a few scattered under the bushes.  The long haired whitish cat was not to be seen – since I was going to rescue it the next morning!  Same with Jane at the previous spot – the day I decide to rescue that older girl, she never appeared again!  What is going on?

I took a bunch of pictures this morning to share.  This is what I see each day.  (don't forget to click on the pics to see up close!)

Last Stop - Pennsylvania Ave.
Central and Fifth

Central and Fifth

Third and Central - waiting for the good stuff - wet food

Third and Central (inside boarded up doorway)

Second and Pennsylvania

Second and Pennsylvania

Third and Central

Garson Ave

Suspected Pregnant Girl on Parsells

Parsells cats

More Parsells Cats Waiting Patiently to come up

Suspected Pregnant Girl on Parsells

Thats it in a nutshell.  This is what I do each and every day!

Have a good one!

"Create a habit of giving your attention, time, efforts, talents, and resources to others.  This is best done without expecting anything in return.  Giving often feels better than receiving and can enrich your life in ways you may have never imagined."

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  1. Oh man...I finally get brave enough to come back to your blog and after seeing all these pictures I'm reaching for the tissues. God love you Janine! -carol