Monday, December 5, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! MARYELLEN F.!

MARYELLEN F!! My kind-of neighbor!  Thank you so much for your donation to help me feed the cats out there.   I've known MaryEllen for a few years now thanks to my blog.  MaryEllen, I am so thankful for your generosity.  Its a lonely time out there in these winter months for these cats, and food is their only joy.  Thank you thank you thank you!

When I post my thanks to those that have made a contribution, please please please feel free to share pics or stories of your kitties!

Snow on the ground this morning.  It will melt with the rain that was beginning to fall as I went about my feedings.  Although they are expecting an inch or two to fall Tuesday night into Wednesday.  I can handle that, but can the kitties I am hoping that

I met a wonderful girl who found a picture of Baylee on my Petfinder site and reached out to me.  Yesterday, she brought me this bottle of liquid called Lung Gold.  Baylee has a breathing issue, and someday, he is going to not be able to breathe, and that will be it.  His first consultation at the clinic I was told he would need an MRI.  I only have so much money to spend on my little guys.  So that is out of the question.  They sent him home with a shot of convenia and that did help, as I'm sure he had upper respiratory issues as well as other things, but he still has trouble breathing.  If you will recall, I treated him on the street before I rescued him with two different meds thinking he was suffering from severe URI.  So its something else - but I don't know what.  I am tempted to bring him to Dr. Grshey in Southtown.  I think I will.  Maybe he will have a better idea.  But in the meantime, I will also ask their office if they can recommend this Lung Gold.  Has anyone else heard of this?  Baylee loves to play, and loves to be held and sit right next to you.  He does not appear to be suffering, at all.

Here is a link with information on the Lung Gold.  It actually sounds pretty good.

Mr. Fluffypants #2

Here is this sweet boy that I rescued, Mr. Fluffypants #2.  He is dying to get out of my bathroom, and has attempted to jump the gate a few times, but always goes right back in.  Really, this is one great cat.  I need to get him into foster care.  Fast!  He is a very cuddly kitty.

Lastly, I received this picture of Jules/Garfield. He is getting so big!  Thanks Amy for loving my boys, Jules and Cammy!  

"Here is an updated pic of Garfield-sorry for delay!   He is soooo long! and getting a little belly- Cammy is a bad influence in the eating department!  If you zoom in- you'll see Cammy parked beneath the tree- he seriously never leaves that spot! he likes pulling my tree skirt into a little nest... he a little stinker!"

Have a great day!

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Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers
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  1. Loving the whiskers on Mr. Fluffy Pants.

  2. Lung Gold sounds interesting and worth a try if the vet ok's it. There were certainly a lot of rave reviews on the website link.

    Love the Garfield and Cammy update! Is it a universal truth that all cats love Christmas tree skirts? Ha! All ours always have.

  3. Be careful to cover the water in the tree stand thoughm it is toxic! Just want to make sure everyone is aware of that!
    Carole R.