Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Feed a Cat For Christmas! BARB N.!!!

BARB N.!  Thank you so much for helping me to help them!  I think Barb knows me from the newspaper?  Or television?  ha!  I sound like this big star.  Thank you Barb - you are a kind soul.....☺☺☺

It was another cold morning out there.  At least it didn’t snow.  No sign of the two kitties – Sweet Jane at the first Parsells Avenue stop, and no sign of the other kitty being held three mornings ago.  Where did they go? 

Although I did have a new cat on my porch this morning!  Annabelle, the calico cat I’ve been feeding and sheltering on my porch at night when she wants to sleep, was there, as she has been for over five years now, but so was another large black fluffy cat.  I opened the door to get the frozen water and place some wet food for them and Annabelle froze in her warm, heating padded seat, while the other cat froze just before the opening of the propped open door.  He let me pet him as he gobbled down the warm wet food, and I copped a feel.  Unneutered.  I went back out half hour later, and he was curled up on the other chair on the porch.  Unheated.  Lord, do I need to get another heating pad for him now?  But the second time I went out there, I noticed THAT SMELL.  HE sprayed and left that Godawful unneutered scent.  I would like to trap him, on my own porch!, and get him neutered.  At least he would have a place to eat and sleep after that without me worrying about letting him back out on the streets in the hood!
Dasher, the handsome boy I rescued and had neutered last Tuesday (last week) has been naughty.  He has aggression issues and its sort of frightening his foster mom.  I don’t blame her.  I’ve had kitties like this.  And I’ve had to watch my back with them, one in particular, Brady (who I have still but he is such a love now).  But they really do come around, some sooner than others.  With the right training (spray bottle, firm “NO!”, calming sprays and scents, pills), they will change.  But it takes time and PATIENCE.  But in the meantime, I’ve made an appointment for him with a vet to have a good look over.  I cannot afford to lose a foster, I have none left.  And I have no room at my inn.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Fluffypants #2
Mr. Fluffypants is doing very well in his foster home.  He has swatted at the dogs he shares a roof with, but was found sleeping on the gentleman of the house’s lap with the little dog.  He really is the best kitty.  Some are easier than others.

Have a great day!

"Your mind judges naturally as you work to make sense of the world.  Every time you find yourself judging others, stop immediately.  This is important when you make judgments about yourself too.  If you make acceptance a daily practice, people will feel more comfortable being themselves around you and you will feel more comfortable being yourself around others."


  1. When I fist got Ivan from you (the is Kristin) he was aggressive to me. If I would try to leave the room he would swat at my legs or feet or even try to bite. It was as if he didn't want me to leave. he did outgrow that and was super affectionate to people. However, he was also aggressive to my other male cat - so much so that we had to rehome Ivan with my sister-in-law. But now that he is with her he is the most wonderful cat ever and has even become best buddies with a new female cat they adopted and the family dog. I think Dasher needs time to adjust to being with a family AND being inside. That's a huge adjustment for an animal who has been living outdoors alone for who knows how long. I don't know what aggression specifically Dasher is showing but it may be his only way of showing that he is still scared of his new environment.

    1. Agreed! Change can be very difficult for anyone, let alone a poor kitty who was left to fend for himself for God's knows how long. Who knows what he encountered out on the means streets too. The stray I brought in showed aggression to other cats in my house. He'd pounce on them or try to bite me. I bought a dog chew toy, a duck to be exact, and tossed it to him everytime he wanted to pounce on one of the other cats or get too rough with me. I'd give him a firm 'no', then toss him the dog toy. He'd roll around with it, bite it, beat it up, etc. It took some time but he grew out of his bad habit.... and the duck. :)I played with him exclusively too so he learned to trust me. Thanks for giving him a chance and not giving up on him. He'll come around...