Thursday, December 8, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! JOY!

Joy to the world!  :0   Thank you so much Joy, once again, for your kindness.  Not only did she foster Sydney and Joanie for me, but she also adopted a street kitty by the name of Domino a few years back, and her donation is in memory of him, as he just recently passed.  Joy, and her mom, have both been good friends to me - her mom adopted a beautiful (although not that the time) white cat from Second Street, and she donated some plants for my city garden.  Many thanks Joy, for your kind donation in memory of 'our' boy, Domino.

Sweet Boy DOMINO - RIP little buddy...

I did a search on this blog for when I rescued Domino - it was the summer of 2014 and here is what I wrote:  "Last but not least!, we have Domino.  Another situation where I had this little boy neutered, and had to return him to the street because I had no one to foster him, until along came a girl named Joy who offered to take one of my kitties off the street and into her home.  He is SO happy to be off of Hayward Avenue, where he had been 'living' for so long in the brutal elements. Domino is a ninja. He does triple somersaults off window sills, opens cans of tuna with his bare claws, intimidates all canines within a quarter-mile radius.  He is now ready to be someone's loving companion."
It turned out that he became Joy and her family's loving companion.  Thank you Joy, for giving him such joy. 

I forgot to mention, Margherita, the kitty I returned to the streets yesterday - Melville Street to be exact, was post-partum.  Meowie was to be seen this morning.  I should never have let him go.  He was just too sweet.  Who knows, maybe he was someone's kitty.  I pray for him!

This little one above resides on the corner of Webster Avenue and Ferndale Crescent.  A real beauty but this is how I found her this morning.  Suffering from some ailment.  Her eyes all gooey.  My wish is that someone would say to me "Janine, if you can get her, I will take her, I will have her checked out medically, you do not need to do anything.  Or I will take any cat you deem needy."  That is my wish.  And there are so many others out there like her that need to be removed from these streets.  

WANTED:  Shelters
The snow was lightly falling this morning.  The weather reports are predicting between 4-8 inches of snow the next few days.  Most of the 16 locations where I have shelters are pretty tight, although I now realize I need at least six more shelters - the ideal size and shelter would be the largest styrofoam boxes.  Spray painted brown, they will fit right in.  The spot on Parsells where there are over 15 cats every morning - I can tuck a shelter or two under the bushes next to the porch where there are five shelters placed, under a board with a tarp covering those.  Just so many cats can fit into those.  Some are so territorial, they won't go near them.   A girl at Webster Manor reached out to me asking for help with shelters - she is feeding about four cats there - I told her I would try to help her build a small shelter in the woods there for her - ideally one shelter facing another shelter, with room in the middle for dishes, with a board under, with a pallet under that, with a board over the shelters, and then a tarp over those.  Thats ideal.  I don't have enough shelters.  I thought I did.  Anybody?

Have a great day!

"Nothing hurts a good soul and kind heart
more than to live amongst people
who can't understand it."

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  1. Hi Janine,

    I am going to ask a woman who friended me on facebook about taking in little Meowie or the white cat on Ferndale and Crescent. She once said she would take in any cat that needed a place! I will let you know what she says :)