Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas!! CAROLE M.!!

Carole M.!  Thank you so much for your generosity in helping me to help them.  Carole is and has been instrumental in helping the many many kitties and kittens get spayed and neutered near the Roberts Weslyn college campus - and many of them rescued.  In fact, Kristin and myself also played a part by fostering many!  Thank you Carole! 



Catches of the Day. Top is Meowie. Bottom is Margherita. Meowie is from Parsells. Margherita is from Melville. Margherita is feral. Meowie is not. Both have to be returned to the streets tomorrow after going to the clinic today. Sad reality. Please spay and neuter - any cat you see!!! Also, please consider sponsoring a spay or neuter for me today by calling 585-288-0600

Meowie is named that because that is all he's done is meow since he was trapped.  This is how you know a cat is not feral.  The other little one, who looks nearly identical but is much smaller, went crazy until I placed a blanket over the trap.  She/he hissed at me at one point when I went to take its picture. Before I left Parsells with Meowie, I noted that there are two cats, one looks like a male, the other looks like a female - actually she was in yesterday's pictures with the stuff on her face - and they both could have easily been trapped, or even grabbed and placed in carriers for spaying and neutering, but there is not enough of me.  I need help with this.  There are just so many out there.  

Which reminds me - the older woman who I've mentioned over the years, Gael, who lives near the clinic. She told me about a young cat that looks very pregnant and asked if I could place the trap there today. She asked me this on Sunday.  I agreed, hesitantly, because she has not only backed down on me last minute to trap there in the past, but has also closed the trap on her porch when I am thinking its going to be one of the cats out of the two I am allowed to bring each week to the clinic.  She makes me very mad.  Well, this time, she called me last minute yesterday and said to forget it, she didn't want any part of trapping on her porch.  I know she has some mental issues, and does love cats, but to knowingly let a cat have its babies outside, under a porch maybe, is not right.  So I am a bit 'pissed off' at Gael today.  

But I got these two cats right away, with them being just around the corner from each other.  I could place five traps on Parsells and Melville every day and get a cat - that's how many there are out there.

Check out these pics of Dixie, the fifth kitten rescued from behind Syd and Johnny's Auto Garage on Bay Street.  Her other sibs are doing well, Riley and Squirt, and Sydney and Joanie.  


Have a great day everyone.  

"Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out."


  1. Dixie is coming out of her shell! No more hiding in the blankets for her. YAY!!!

  2. Sweet baby Daisy! She has the cutest face.

    It's unreal how many cats are out there! Wow. And there would be so many more if it weren't for you getting them fixed and into good homes. The city just needs about 500 clones of you and the problem would be solved. ;)