Monday, December 26, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! MONICA L.!!

Dear MONICA L. - Thank you for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  Many cats actually!   Such generous people  I am not sure how Monica and I 'met', but I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.  Thank you!

This weekend was a blur.  I had Thursday and Friday off, and today, and its never restful.  I am out of my mind with things to do.  Of course, my TO DO list for home stuff never got done.  Maybe, just maybe today they will.  Although I have a vet appointment at 2 pm. with Dasher and his foster mom.  Lets see if we can get some good suggestions for Dasher and his aggression, which seems to be dwindling a bit after Foster Mom has learned some new tricks!

POSTER of Luna, the missing cat in JUNE 2016

The highlight of this weekend was the reunion of a man and his cat that was lost since June.  So Friday morning, as I turned the corner from Parsells onto Chamberlain to get to my next feeding shelter on Garson, and I saw a cat dart between parked cars, so as usual, I had to get out and place food and water for the kitty, like I do for so many others just about every morning...  As I set the food down, I heard crying, and this cat shows up and starts to come closer and closer, and finally came right up to eat.  I petted it, took a picture of it, as I usually do with the cats I feed, and off I went.  I came home and posted the pics of the morning on Facebook, and a friend Carole saw it later that day, and being one of the many people who pay attention to lost cats that are posted on Craigslist, and elsewhere, she recognized this cat.  She put picture to picture together, and voila, she knew she had a match!  She contacted the owner of the cat, asked if the cat in the picture I took was his cat, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing.  He called me, and thanked me and asked if I would try for her again tomorrow, and to call him no matter what time it was - I had told him I do all this from 4-5 every day of my life.  :)  I told him it would be early IF we could get his LUNA.

Picture of cat I fed on the side of the road on 12/24/16

The next morning, I set out doing my four stops prior to going to this corner, I got out, set the food down, made the normal kissing sound, and there she came, sauntering over to me, and as soon as she was comfortable taking a few bites, I grabbed her by the scruff and took her over to the waiting carrier that Saturday Sheryl had open for me.  I called MIKE, and told him, and brought him to his house which was just blocks away.  He was nearly crying.  He said he had given up hope in ever finding LUNA.  I had tears in my eyes as I saw his joy.  YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

REUNITED!  At 4 am!

Mike and Luna Reunited!  - she sure looks happy to be home!

Lets hope that all missing kitties are found.  Please spread this blog far and wide in hopes that some of the pictures I take are cats that might be found! 

Have a wonderful day!

"The challenges of life help you build endurance of the body, the mind, and the spirit, and endurance fosters success.  When you feel like giving up, remember that your chance of achieving your goal will get much greater if you hold on for just a bit longer."


  1. What an amazing story! To think of all the little pieces that had to happen at exactly the right time for all of this to come together. It boggles the mind. What if Luna had not run between 2 cars at the exact moment you were driving down the road to see her? And then you took her picture, and Carol recognized it... it's just amazing! YAY for Mike and Luna!!!

  2. Janine,

    Excellent work as usual! That is one of the reasons why I call you the Cat Angel. No doubt you and Carole made Christmas very special for Mike and Luna again. The stories Luna could tell Mike would probably be foreign to most of us, except to rescuers like yourself that witness first hand the plight of these lost and discarded felines. Thank you very much for all you do daily to ease the pain and suffering these Cats endure.

    Walt & Karon Simoni

  3. Best miracle story this year! Yay!!! I love it.

    Fingers crossed you were able to get some help for Dasher and his foster mom. Bless her for sticking with it to work with him! Behavioral issues can be just as challenging as medical ones. I'm sure it will all work out though. We had a bitey cat. You could only pet her a few strokes and she'd strike out! No warning, that we could tell, either. But we learned to follow her rules and be wary of our fingers, lol! She was one of Gillian's rescues...

  4. Great story and awesome teamwork of everyone involved in getting Luna back home. Please tell Mike to keep her inside. If she could talk, I'm sure she'd have many horror stories to tell of being on the cold, mean streets of Rochester!