Thursday, December 15, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! MICHAEL K!

Michael, you are AWESOME!  Thank you so much for your kind donation to help feed Rochester's homeless cats.

It was not a good morning out there.  I started out with a crowbar with the intention of prying open the board that was boarded up when I arrived yesterday morning at a vacant house where I feed several cats, and there are two plastic tote shelters inside.  I pried it open this morning.  As you can see.  It gets me so angry that someone can do that to an obvious haven for helpless creatures especially during the winter time.  So there, take that you bastard.

My other intention was to rescue this older girl, who looks so much like my Buster.  She is not eartipped, and looked pathetic in the last picture I took of her.  She was out there two mornings ago, but not today.  I even had a few people offer to take her in after I sent out a plea on Facebook.  Despite the cold, the cats were out waiting for me.  I could see their little heads popping out of the shelters, most of them scurrying away until I left to eat their breakfast.

Driving in this morning was terrible.  Blinding snow.  I will need to bring the shovel tomorrow morning to dig them out, all 16 shelters.  Boy could I use boards and ready made shelters of every size right now.  BUT they must be dark colored.  I bought black spray paint for plastic but I was told its too cold to paint the white styrofoam, uncut boxes I have right now.

An update on the very sickly white kitty I named Misty initially, and then the foster named Cloe - well, after the vet check up, SHE is a HE.  HIS foster now has him named Bacardi!  We could never feel down there because Bacardi has had severe diarrhea so we didn't know the sex!  :)  But, after several medicines to make her well, we just wait now.  He is a sweet cat.  Can't wait to get a great picture of him soon and find him a new home!


Dasher is in his foster home, but turns out he has an aggression issue we need to work on.  He's biting his foster mom.  HELP!


Lets get these others adopted:

Mr. Fluffypants #2

Have a great, safe day!

"O, heavenly Father, protect and
bless all things that have breath;

guard them from all evil,
and let them sleep in peace"


  1. Oh Janine, I was thinking of you & the homeless kitties out there this morning. So COLD! Thank you is not enough for all you do for the cats. You are AWESOME! Kathy M.

  2. Am putting a check in the mail today for $120.00. I'd like to Feed A Cat for Christmas in honor of my three youngest granddaughters: Riley, Shannon and Margaret. God Bless you Miss Janine! -CO