Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Feed a Cat For Christmas! JEAN H!!!!

Thank you JEAN H!!!  You helped to feed many many kitties this holiday day.  I first met Jean sitting outside on a deck on a hot summer day drinking wine with Kristin, Kristin’s parents, Jean and Jean’s friend Sharon, who I used to work with at the law firm.  She’s a good egg, having attended all the fundraisers, and keeping in touch.  Thank you Jeanie Beanie!

DRUMROLL:  I rescued Seven this morning!  Seven from Seventh Street!  :)  He was so easy.  He comes out of the shelters I have there in the back of the lot each morning when I arrive.  Such a good boy.  Thank you to GRASP who offered to take one.  They reach out to me once a year to take in a needy kitty that I feed.  Bless their hearts!

SEVEN from Seventh Street - rescued!

Today is insane.  Both Cloe – the sickly white cat I rescued last Friday from Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue, and the latest rescue Seven, are both going to the vet.  Caring for Cats.  After Cloe is seen, Seven will be.  Both will be combo tested. After all this, Cloe will be ready for adoption, and Seven is going to a rescue group to be adopted out by them.  I am so grateful to GRASP for taking this little one in for me.  They reach out to me once a year and offer to take in a needy one.  Bless them.  Such a compassionate rescue group.


Dasher was picked up by his foster mom yesterday after his little nuggets turned into the REAL nuggets and he got neutered at the clinic!  And tested negative after his combo test!  Woo hoo!  His foster mom reports that he is very friendly, and affectionate.  Purring loudly and eating well.  Using the litter box.  What more could we ask for, except for a permanent home for him!  Woo hoo!

Mr. Fluffypants
Mr. Fluffypants #2 will be going to his foster home on Friday.  What a great cat this is.  He continues to follow me around every day now, perching on the couch while I wake up before heading out to do the ‘chores’.  Speaking of, it was very cold this morning, and I placed two more shelters – one on Parsells where there are at least 15 cats that I am feeding in the morning, and one at Central and Second where there are numerous adult and kittens on this corner.  I call them the mailbox kitties.  I continue to feed Cesar there, the adult cat I had TNR’d in late summer, under the mailbox.  I am praying he finds one of the four (now) shelters I have across the street from there.  I need dark colored boards to shield the openings of those shelters from the wind.  I also need another tarp but the tarps are very hard to place as the wiring is like a half moon, as the pics showed in yesterday’s post.

I pulled up to one of my spots, I won't say which one, and someone had come along and boarded up the tiny shielded porch of a boarded up house that I had two shelters on that more than 2 cats depended on.  Can you believe this?  What heartless bastard could do this?  I will be bringing a crowbar with me tomorrow morning and removing it - at least some of the board that is nailed shut.  There is no NO TRESPASSING sign on it (so I can't be arrested!), and I at least want my shelters!  This sickens me and I won't stand for it. These are poor homeless creatures you are hurting!  Its CRUELTY!

The temperatures are supposed to be very bad the next two days, but as my mother just pointed out to me on the phone, it will be in the 30s after that.  Leave it to my mother to point out the good in all this.  She must have known I needed to hear that its ‘just two days.’.  I get so sad when I think of the babies out there being cold.  Some have NO shelter, which is why it’s SO important to place SOMETHING outside your own residence.  IF you need help, please ask!  I am sure someone in the cat community would be willing to provide a shelter or two for you to place for these animals.  And food and water too!  L 

Bless you all, and have a wonderful day!

"The law of
is very simple:

If you want joy,
give joy.

If love is what you seek,
offer love.

If you crave material affluence,
help others
become prosperous."


  1. Holy cow!! You've rescued THREE cats this week!! You are awesome and so are the people who have offered to foster. I am so proud to know you :) And my cousin Jeannie is a super good lady :)

  2. How awesome of GRASP to take a kitty! How many new fosters do you have now? It seems like you've gotten at least two new ones in the past week! Yay!
    PS, wasn't Chloe named Misty last week or am I losing track?