Thursday, December 22, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! SHARYN and JESSICA!!!

SHARYN and JESSICA!  Thank you for helping me to feed MANY cats for Christmas!  What can I say about these two.  Sharyn is Jessica's Mom.  Jessica found me, I think my blog was it?  I wound up going over to meet her, and several times more, meeting most of her family.  Her Dad built me a shelter or two and provided me with tarp materials and stuff to help with the kitties.  Her grandmother, even though is not fond of cats, has been generous in providing food for them which her daughter buys and gives to me when I go over.  Her family has been a blessing to me, and in many ways, almost like a second family to me.  I love them dearly and wish I could be with them more in my life.

The little tabby that looks like she is pregnant was there this morning, but kept her distance from me.  A rescue offered to take her, but my worry is that WHAT IF SHE ISN'T pregnant.  Do you put her back?   I would hate for her to go back to the street.  There are so many things involved in rescuing a cat!  I wish it were easy!  I wish there were more fosters out there!

I saw so many tiny footprints in the snow this morning.  These ones were particularly small, but not those of a kitten.  No worries.  I have not seen any new kittens yet, so far.


I wanted to capture and show you this little 'village' I've built for several cats at one of my locations.  This shelter provides at least eight cats their own 'quarters.'  Each morning when I truck to the back of this lot, I can see at least four little ones coming out after hearing my snow crunched footsteps.  First there are three reds, and then a calico, and then a tabby.  All hungry, and waiting patiently for me to serve them breakfast!

Once I am finished up with the above location, I am DONE.  Its a relief.  Its a toll on me in the winter, my bones ache after this hour and nearly half journey I make EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Ugggh.  Wish I could clone myself and have her (I would name her Natasha) go out sometimes.  I just want to stay in bed.  :(




On another note, we have little Dixie chick waiting for a home, and we have beautiful Bacardi, and beautiful Dasher all waiting for forever homes.  Help me to find one for them, so that I can continue to rescue more of these sweet babes.

Have a great day!

"Hearts should come with a label that reads "Keep Warm."  Warm the hearts of others with a smile.  Give a heartfelt handshake, a hug, or a note of encouragement.  Use a soft, kind voice with positive, encouraging words.  Warming the hearts of others has a rewarding side effect:  your heart warms up as well!"

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  1. We're so glad we met you through your blog and wish we could do more for you and the kitties. Will we be seeing you in the next couple of days? Grandma will be here Friday through Sunday and Gillian leaves the day after Christmas. :)