Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TNR Tuesday

Today is TNR Tuesday.  I set a trap first thing at 4 am. on Seventh, and then one on Central, near Fifth.  At Central, there are at least five new cats - a few from the same litter that were probably born less than a year ago.  How many times now have I set a trap there?  Plenty.  Again, after doing my entire route, and coming back, nothing.  I stopped there midway, and saw a black kitty sniffing at the yummy tuna inside the trap, and it too, was not even around when I finally went back to get the trap, defeated.  So here we have Stewie from Second.  Not a happy camper. 

Stewie from Seventh Street
I always feel so disappointed when I don't use the allotment (two cats) I am allowed at the clinic each week.  I know that most times, they are able to fill those spots with the cats trapped by the experts, but then again - I shouldn't put myself down - I consider myself pretty good at trapping.   There have been weeks where I've trapped OVER my limit.  There isn't a lot to it really, its all up to the cat.  Then again, for the really tough kitties, expert trappers use a drop trap.  I am not that expert.  :)  Actually, the majority of cats going in to the clinic are rescue groups that do this continually.  I wish I had that kind of help.  I don't.  Its just me.  Again, I should pat myself on the back, because last spring and summer, I was able to get at least two, sometimes three each week.  Then again, the price was cheaper per cat.  Its now costing me $60 per cat.  Its way over my budget.

Hopefully, when my 501c3 goes through, that price will go down a bit.  I will be considered a 'rescue' group, but I will not be a rescue group.  I will continue to do what I do, on my own, until I drop.  I will just get some savings on food (taxes), and discount with vets, maybe.  Should be happening by end of July I would say.

Have a good day.

"All we have is all we need.  All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are."

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  1. Good job on getting Stewie! No more Stewie Jr's!