Monday, June 13, 2016

And Then There Were Two

Me and Niece Amy - having fun with my new phone!

Kittens.  Friday morning I arrived at 7th Street only to find one mangled and ripped to shreds inside of the shelter I feed the cats in.  Heartbreaking.  I got a towel and wrapped what was left of this angel and brought it home to be buried.  I am pretty sure it was a raccoon that did it.  They can be vicious.  I knew there were two little ones left, so I called my friend Laura from Habitat for Cats and she came over on Saturday morning and set up her drop trap.  BLAM.  She got one baby and the momma kitty.  She is pretty amazing.  But the second kitten she just never saw.  I am sure it was frightened to death and in hiding in the corner bushes.  Not only that, but there was a big scary Rottweiler walking around.  It got out of the yard next door and was sniffing around the food in the drop trap.  Laura called me and I sciddadled over there promptly and with a big kick of courage, got out of the car, and slowly tried to get the dog back into what I thought was its yard.  I knew it wasn't vicious, well, sort of knew.  Thats a big dog.  It got out immediately from the not so sturdy gate, and finally I managed to get a cable cord clipped to his collar, and tied him to the porch of the house I thought he belonged to.  Well, I then went home and began to hear the loudest claps of thunder, and the rain drops were big and loud also.  I thought - that poor dog, I left it out with no shelter above - so I drove BACK there, and moved him down one house where there was a roofed porch.  Ugggh. In the meantime, I did not know for sure who he belonged to so I placed a call to 911 - but turns out they never did come.

Laura had asked me to let her know if I saw the other kitten, and sure enough, Sunday morning, I did.  So Laura went back this morning and BAM!  She got the remaining kitten.  Poor baby.  Now she needs a place for them to go to be socialized.  She asked me, I was hesitant because I already have Cookie in one room (and she doesn't seem to like other cats!), the other two kittens in another (where Poppy has a tiny cold that I am now treating)  and I am just always feeling overwhelmed in general.   But after giving it some thought, knowing the scarcity of fosters out there, I said if she couldn't find another, I would do it.  The kittens would be kept in a cage until acclimated.  Good God.

Sick Red on Bay Street

Thats really it for me today.  I am overwhelmed again, tomorrow is TNR day, there are several unaltered kitties on Central near Fifth, and I never did connect with the woman that offered to foster the other sick red kitty on Bay Street.  He is still out there, as sweet and trusting as ever, and still sick.


Cookie continues to be as sweet as can be - with humans!  Got to get her to like other kitties!  There is a kind man who is hoping to meet and adopt her, as a companion for his other kitty!  ugggh.  :(  Gotta keep these kitties moving so that I can continue to rescue the most neediest off the streets.



Birdie and Poppy were supposed to be spayed tomorrow also, but that has been moved up a week.

Please spread the word, I need more help and we need more fosters!

Have a GREAT day!

"Life is a long lesson in humility."

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  1. How sad about that poor little kitten! The things you see would keep me awake for days. I'm so glad you and Laura were able to trap Momma cat and the other kittens.
    Oh Cookie, you must learn to like other kitties! Maybe you need a visit from Jackson Galaxy.