Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Well, kitty I trapped yesterday – WAS ALREADY NEUTERED.  FAILURE!  A big whopping FAILURE!  AND apparently ear-tipped.  I guess I’m not so great at trapping as stated in my post yesterday.  The little guy spent the night on my porch and was released this morning.  You see, when I am out each morning, its dark.  So when shining my flashlight on a cat that is trapped, I try to do as thorough an inspection for the ear tip as I can.  And then I don’t ‘bother’ them until after they are returned from surgery and are on my porch hungry.  There have been quite a few cats that have been released immediately that already had eartips, most of those are the friendly ones just hungry for that tuna.   But with this cat being all black, and it being dark, I must have missed it.  I am actually going to call the clinic to ask if the cat was for sure eartipped.  So disappointing.  L  I am sure he was revaccinated and given flea treatment.  I guess that is worth the $60 he cost me yesterday.

Look what I did again.  Another rescue.  Meet Spencer.  Spencer was a TNR from May from Pennsylvania and Second.  Just a year old if that.  The cutest little guy around.   Now I wouldn’t normally rescue another cat until all the cats I’ve rescued prior are adopted.  We still have Cookie, who is going to have to be in a one cat household.  Then there is Baylee, who is still sick with something, we don’t know what – it’s a breathing issue – but other than that is a sweetheart.  Then we have Penny, who is being fostered in Hilton.  Penny is the mother of the five kitten litter, all who have been adopted.  She’s a sweetheart, just very shy.  Then we have Jace and Lucy, the two baby kittens from Seventh Street, rescued after their two siblings viciously killed by another animal, their remains buried properly.   Mama was TNR’d the same day they were rescued, by the way.  These kittens are about 5 or 6 weeks old now.  Sweet little babies.  They are in foster care learning not to be afraid, and quickly coming around thanks to their foster mom!




Spencer was rescued because a man reached out to me on Facebook expressing interest in adopting Cookie, as a companion for his female cat, Midnight.  After getting to know Cookie’s personality, I realized it might not be a good fit, but the man said he would be patient and wait until I found the perfect one.  I suggested a male might be better, and had several to choose from.  You see, there are at least FIVE cats out there right now READY to be RESCUED!  So it was a tough pick.  He was one out of the five.  The others are simply surviving.  They have no other choice.

So, say a prayer this works out.  Spencer will go to the clinic for a leukemia test today, and then to his new home on Saturday.  Pray he is nice to Midnight!

Have a great day!

"Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up."

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  1. Spencer's adorable! I hope it's love at first sight!

    That sucks about Stewie already being snipped. It could happen to anyone. Black cats are so hard to see in the dark.