Thursday, June 9, 2016


Birdie & Poppy
Cookie doing a little better today.  She is the six pound sweetheart in my bathroom that I rescued yesterday.  She had what is called, In its simplest terms, pyometra.   It is an infection in the uterus. Pyometra is considered a serious and life threatening condition that must be treated quickly and aggressively.
Pyometra is a secondary infection that occurs because of hormonal changes in the female's reproductive tract. Following estrus or "heat", progesterone levels remain elevated for several weeks, stimulating the uterine lining to thicken in preparation for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur for several estrus cycles, the lining continues to increase in thickness until cysts form in the uterus. This condition is called cystic endometrial hyperplasia. The thickened, cystic lining secretes fluids that create an ideal environment in which bacteria can grow.  Additionally, high progesterone levels inhibit the ability of the muscles in the wall of the uterus to contract and expel accumulated fluids or bacteria. Another contributing factor is the fact that during estrus, white blood cells, which normally protect against infection, are inhibited from entering the uterus. This normal occurrence allows sperm to safely enter the female's reproductive tract without being damaged or destroyed by the white blood cells. The combination of these factors often leads to infection.

The chance of successful resolution without surgery or prostaglandin treatment is extremely low. If treatment is not performed quickly, the toxic effects from the bacteria will be fatal in many cases. If the cervix is closed, it is possible for the uterus to rupture, spilling the infection into the abdominal cavity. This will also be fatal. Pyometra is a serious medical condition that requires prompt treatment.

Saw Bay Street red kitty this morning, he is still very sick despite me giving him Doxycycline for the past two weeks or so.  Prior to that, I gave him Clavamox each morning for at least three weeks.  Nothing seems to be working.  I need to get him off the streets so bad.

Fed quite a few kitties I passed on the streets, including one black kitty that was limping, further down Bay Street.

My garden is not very pretty so far this year.  It needs some color.  I need to find some very cheap plants but ones that will make the garden pop.  Anybody? 

I left a note for my new friend “Jeff” who lives on Garson and has allowed me to feed cats on the side of his dilapidated shed/garage/workroom.   His cat Max has been spraying apparently, and he wants to find him a new home because of it.  I suggested this morning that he try an extra litterbox and place it where he is spraying.  I need to come up with a list of things he can try – we don’t want Max going to a shelter or Lollipop. He is a sweetheart.  I have not seen the three creeps that confronted Kings and Sheryl last Sunday morning telling them to stop feeding the cats there, or else.  I am ready for them though.  Bring it.

I continue to feed the 10+ cats on Parsells that have all lost their shelter.  I still don’t know what I am going to do about this location.  I must find a kind soul around there that will help.  I know there is a hoarder that loves kitties a few houses down, and whether or not he will allow me to place shelters around his house is another story.  And to get ten kitties that don’t all get along to take shelter in the same location will be very difficult to do.  I am so upset about this situation.

Birdie and Poppy will hopefully be spayed this coming Tuesday, and then we get the next three in hopefully thereafter for their neutering.   That man Rick DiStephano, who in combination of myself, friend Ciara, and Habitat for Cats, never spent a dime after we rescued the mother cat, five kittens, and spayed/neutered several ferals his mother was feeding during the time she lived at this house in the city, and thereafter since she moved.    What an ass.  The cost of six cats rescued is enormous.   

That’s it for today.  I could go on and on.

Have a good one.  PS, yes, I rescued Midnight AND Buster when Miss B. was homeless.  I tried to have Wally adopt Buster, but Buster kept getting out and I kept getting upset at Wally because of it.  So I took her to my house.



  1. Here's a listing of City of Rochester owned, vacant lots on Parsells Ave: #43, 64-68, 77, 170, 206-210, 214-218, 321, 336, 366, 378. 179 Baldwin (On corner of Parsells), 110-118 Stout St (behind 228-232 Parsells, which is a demo case). Also, 29 PaRsells ave is a demo case.Not sure where you feed on Parsells Ave, but these lots, again, are all owned by the City of Rochester.

  2. Janine, I msg'd Rick and told him how I felt about his not doing what he said he would - paying for the kitties. He responded that he sent $200 to Hab. for Cats per your link you sent him but it went to Mass. instead of Rochester; he sent an additional $300 to the Roch. Hab. for Cats and still intends to send you some money, but life has gotten in his way right now. I believe his intentions are good and he has sent $500 with intentions to pay you also.

  3. Jeff should treat his spraying cat for a UTI. he should also try different unscented kitty litter. Finally, he needs to determine if his cat is backing up to things and spraying vertically (a sign of stress and marking) or if he is squatting down and just peeing ( a sign of infection or disliking the kitty litter). These are simple things he can try. If he can't won't take his cat to the vet for a UTI test, we can find out what broad spectrum antibiotic is used to treat most cat UTIs and see if anyone has any they can donate to him. Anybody know what meds they give for cat UTIs most often?

  4. We're going thru this with my daughter's 4 cats now. One or more recently started peeing outside the litter. The first 2 are going to the vets Monday for exam/urine testing; the remaining 2 a few days later. It could be several issues regarding urine - infection, blockage.... best to get it checked out. Nancy C.