Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TNR Tuesday!

THREE.  The older woman that contacted me last year for help trapping kitties around her house asked me to help with another she has been feeding on her porch.  It appeared injured to her, and she offered to pay if I would set a trap.  So I did.  Trap #1.  I then went and did all my feedings before crossing Goodman, and went back to check on the trap - nothing.  Left it there.  Went on to set a trap where the three kittens are on Seventh, hoping to at least get the mother cat.  Set trap, drove off to do more feeding.  On Central and Fifth, I walked to the back of the lot where the shelters are, and there, as has been for a few weeks now, was the little red kitten who now sidles up to me - very sweet kitty, but as sick as the other sweet kitty on Bay Street, which I didn't see this morning as I got out to put food there under the bush.  Thats the other cat I need to rescue.

Regardless, I decided to scoop up "Cookie" then and there.  I went to the car and got the carrier, and walked back, and she went 'willingly' as I grabbed her gently by the back of the neck and placed her.  Very very pretty kitty.  Very very dirty, but her eyes.  There is something about her eyes.  Today, she will be given a convenia shot, but tested for Leukemia also.  I will then desperately try to find her a foster while I still have the two kittens to contend with.  And also trying to find them low cost spay and neuter, along with the other three who are being cared for now.  

Back to Seventh and VOILA!  There was 'Spice', another red kitty I've never seen before, and certainly doesn't look like the mother to the kittens that are hiding out there.  Number TWO.

I then get a call from Gael, who after several checks by me before going back home to ready for work, a cat was finally in the trap on her porch.  OMG.  Number THREE.  Thank God Gael has offered to pay for number three.  

So there you have it.  Its a busy busy day.  And expensive too.  I had to pay for Precious, Miss B's dog also when she went for a check up.  Miss B is the once homeless woman from Grand Avenue I befriended years ago and I took her displaced cat in, Midnight.  Precious needs a grooming, and in order to get that, she needs an updated Bordatella test done.  So on and on it goes...

Say a prayer for all these cats and kittens out there!

Pictures tomorrow!

Have a good day!~

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."


  1. A bordetella vaccine for grooming? Never have I heard of that! Rabies maybe, and bordetella (kennel cough) for boarding is usually required, but I have never heard of that for grooming. Where does she take the dog? You have too big a heart Janine...

  2. I thought Miss B's cat was Buster? I hope Miss B is chipping in on the cost of this.

    Cookie looks like a sweetheart. I hope she finds a foster mom quickly!