Monday, June 20, 2016


What can I say today.  This was a tough weekend for me.  It started out great.  On Friday, I got so much accomplished on my day off from work.  A little shopping, a little baking and cooking, a little cleaning... and little down time...  heaven.  Saturday was not so pleasant.    I was in a situation where I witnessed something I didn't know existed.  I've heard about things like this, but never witnessed.  Not only was it a sad living condition situation for a person who truly loves animals, but the animals themselves were not in a situation that any animal should be in.  This poor emaciated no fur left black lab.  No fresh air, sunshine, freedom.   I left there feeling completely hopeless, but made a call to a friend, who made a call to have the police sent there to check it out, and was also advised to call the humane society.  I did.

I know this person is reading this and I want you to know, my heart goes out to you, but first and foremost, my heart is with those animals.  I know you don't see it the way I, or others see it.  I know you have long suffered in your life also, but there is help for you out there, but there isn't for those animals unless someone does something for them.  Please let us help them.  

I am praying something happens, if not yesterday, then today.

My friend who adopted a feral kitten last year from Melville, Mikey, got out last week and hung around the bushes outside, but was finally captured and brought back in.  His mom had noticed his stomach was getting larger and larger, and he was becoming more and more lethargic.  Not eating.  Finally, after some fancy footwork, he was captured once again inside the house, and brought to the vet.  It was determined he most likely had FIP and was suffering very much.  He was euthanized within minutes.

Just prior to this, I received a text from Cammy's parents, who adopted sweet Cammy just shy of a year ago, in which they said Cammy was now hospitalized and not doing well.  Cammy had FIV, but FIV is not a death sentence.
"We brought him back to the vet on Wednesday for another asthma shot (he has had a difficult allergy season) and also to be treated for a UTI. Unfortunately, the UTI treatment wasn't working fast enough and we had to have him hospitalized this morning after a rough night :(   He has a blockage. They are trying a catheter and a round of iv antibiotics-we are trying to determine if we are able to continue caring for him...or if he will still have a quality life. I hate to see him so bad off and if it has been a chronic problem we may have to consider other options. We want to do what is best for him

Of course, I don't know what is wrong with Cammy, or what his treatment options are, but I can tell you that this loving family would do anything possible to help him, within their means.  And I do not fault anyone for not going the extra mile in spending their last cent to even try to figure out what is wrong.  Cammy has had a good life since I rescued him from the streets. He's had a LOT of love surrounding him, and I am sure that even he would agree, its been a wonderful life the past two years for him.  God speed Cammy.

So you see, its been pretty rough.  But I have to say this:  The cats I've rescued over the years, nearly 80 just last year, have all been pretty healthy.  They come right off the streets.  Whether they came from the streets or the shelters, we don't know their medical history until they are brought to the vets where they are given a check up, a few blood tests to determine if they are leuk positive or FIV positive.  But you can't test for everything out there, most people just don't have that kind of money.  Veterinary medicine is very expensive.  So you trust that all will be well when you take your fluffy little buddy home with you.  Don't ever give up on these creatures, just because you got them from the street.  Look at the suffering that was alleviated just this past week with Cookie's rescue, who was suffering from Pyometra, and now unnamed little Bay Street boy, who can't barely breathe.

Oh, and by the way, I rescued sick Bay Street boy, yet unnamed.  He goes to the clinic today to find out why he can't breathe very well.  I am over my head with the two kittens, Cookie and now him.

Please keep sharing and getting the word out.  I need help with fosters!!!  I can't rescue anymore until I can get help!  Thank you for any help you can offer.

"Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o'er wrought heart and bids it break."  ~Shakespeare


  1. OMG Janine. I am so sad to hear about the situation you saw on Saturday. I hope and pray that the individual and animals you saw get the help they need and deserve as quickly as possibly so that not one more day goes by that anyone is suffering. Is there anything I can do to help? - Kristin

  2. Wasn't a new foster going to take the red cat from Bay Street???

  3. How sad about Mikey and Cammy. I'm praying Cammy pulls through and it's just a one-time problem. His family must be torn up over it as they clearly love Cammy a great deal. My prayers are with both Mikey and Cammy's families.