Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Killers in the Midst

Cuteness for the day.  No, not me.  Meet Max and Chewie who were rescued this past weekend and are now in the hands of a great foster mommy.  They just need to be socialized a bit as they have been on their own since birth.  I think their Mommy will be released back to Seventh Street after her surgery yesterday to tough it out on her own.  Laura from Habitat for Cats has taken care of her.  That is always the heartbreaking part for me.  Letting them go.  But its wonderful to know that these two will not be left to TRY to survive on their own after their two siblings were brutally murdered by the hands of what I think were raccoons.

Max and Chewie

In the meantime, I will be meeting a new foster this weekend and hoping all goes well so that she can take in 'Mario' (who the potential foster named) - the sick red kitty on Bay Street that I've been medicating and feeding for nearly a month and a half now.  I will grab him, and get him to the clinic to figure out whats going on with him.  Hopefully Sunday or Monday morning.

I have Friday off.  So excited.  I have so much to do around my house.  My niece is moving into an apartment today, but has nothing.  I need to scout around and find stuff.  She has nothing kitchen wise.

Poppy and Birdie are adorable.  They are CRAZY in the morning, running all over the house, ZIP ZIP here and there.  Love their toys, love to jump each other!  Must find them a good home, together!  Hopefully they will be spayed next Tuesday.



Cookie is totally adorable, but still a brat with the others.  I have as wooden slatted gate up so that she can look out and they can look in, and she is definitely curious to come out.  Wonder what she would do if I just let her.  She has some gunk in her ears that I need to figure out how to clean first though before she mingles.  Her breathing is sounding better, so the convenia shot she received last Tuesday must be working.


Also, lets not forget Penny - Birdie and Poppy's mama, who is being fostered by my friend Ciara.  Penny needs a home, someone to give her plenty of love so that she can learn to trust again.

Speaking of...  Marvin from Melville was not a happy camper in the trap on my porch overnight.  He was flailing himself all over that each time I removed the cover.  I don't think he ate much either.  Another sign of a true feral.  He was let out this morning and ran as fast as he could.  Sad.
Please spay and neuter your pets!

Have a nice day!

"Rescue animals aren't broken, they've simply
experienced more life than other animals.
If they were human, we would call them wise.
They would be the ones with tales to tell and
stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who
responded with courage.  Don't pity them. 
Do something.  Help to rescue.  Donate.  Volunteer. 
Foster.  Adopt.  And be proud
to have their 
greatness by your side."

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  1. Such cute babies! Hey, you can get some video now of Poppy and Birdie and upload it to your blog and Facebook. I think videos really grab people's attention, even more than photos.