Thursday, June 16, 2016


The following post/paragraph below was written back in August of 2015.  Its of a cat I rescued that had been hit by a car on Webster Avenue, near Ferndale and Parsells, brought to RAS, was treated, and then after Habitat for Cats was contacted about her, they reached out to me to see if it was one of the kitties I had been feeding there.  I said it was, but that the sweet little thing couldn't go back.  I soon found someone who offered to take her in.

Peanut then on the streets trying to survive

""Sweet Peanut, the kitty I rescued this very corner after she was hit by a car and brought to RAS, who wanted to release her back there, is doing great in her new home.  Her mom was having issues with her getting along with her older cat, but since she was brought home from surgery on Friday, they seem to be getting along.  Could it be the cone on her head?  :)  She is an angel to me, and so is her Mom.  She financed an entire tooth extraction, and hernia surgery for this little one.  God bless them both,and Peanut, you had better be kinder to your older sister!

Well will you look at them now!  :)

PEANUT now.  
Some other updates:  Little kittens Charlie and Arnie are doing well in their new home, but Charlie is having a medical issue that we are all hoping he gets better soon.  But they are active, eating and playing, so will keep you posted on this.

I never hear from Sparky's mom.  I regret the very day I allowed her to take him, but I can only hope and pray that she is being good and kind to this little fellow.  I have reached out to her many times, but she doesn't seem to want communication from me.  I pass her house daily on my way to work and look for signs.  But what am I looking for???  She has given me a deposit to be refunded when he is neutered, but she hasn't reached out for help in that respect either after I told her I could find her lower cost for the neuter.  I don't think she has much money, which is why I offered.

The red cat on Bay Street is now drooling.  I am heartsick leaving him every day.  My hope is that this home visit goes well on Saturday with a woman who offered to foster him, and I can then grab him Sunday morning, keep him over night, and get him into the clinic for a check up on Monday walk in hours.  Please say a prayer for this little guy.  This is another reason why FOSTERING is so important.  Please consider.  There are just so many out there that need us.

The kittens trapped from 7th are coming around in their new foster home.  They are yet unnamed as their foster mom wasn't thrilled on the names I chose.  And that's ok!  She's a good girl.  She is also the one that has to talk them them daily!  So we are trying to agree on something in the middle.  I like cutsie and real people names, she likes character names from the shows she watches.  I am trying to keep everyone happy, so .....  hopefully next week I will have names for them, most likely boy and girl.

Life is crazy.  That's all I can say.  I wish it were more simple, but its not.  I deal with sadness day in and day out.  But I always remain hopeful and positive.  Hope is the key.

Have a GREAT day everyone!  :)

PS, my wish list:  brown, dark green or black tarps.  All sizes.  A new trap.  Food.   Donations.  Thank you in advance!

"Everyone should smile. 
 Life really isn't that serious. 
We make it hard. 
The sun rises. 
The sun sets.

We just tend to complicate the


  1. Red kitty on bay street-are you sure that HE is getting the doxy? Are you leaving the pill whole? More likely he will eat it if you cut in quarters and wrap each piece in a piece of pill pocket then hide in canned food. Even the he might detect and eat around them. Its a tough one. Carole

  2. How big does the trap need to be? I have one that would fit a raccoon or possum if that would help?