Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Picture Perfect

Today is picture day.  My friend, Katherine, who rode with me last week, had an awesome camera given to her by her dad, and she took the opportunity to capture some of the kitties on my route.  These pictures will amaze you because all these cats, are sweet and need a home.  Can you imagine?  And this is just within my little area that I feed.  Just amazing.  And just so very sad.

Today was TNR day and I failed.  I set two traps at five different locations.  And believe me, there was ample time for the cats to go in and eat the yummy smelly tuna fish awaiting inside.  I set it at Melville, at first Parsells spot and drove off to do the rest on the Front Nine, as I call the first six spots of my daily route.  Went back to check on Melville and Parsells  before going to do the back nine and all I had was Mr. Fluffy Red kitty in the trap yelling, HELP, LET ME OUT.  I:VE ALREADY BEEN NEUTERED!  Nothing at Parsells, pack up, feel like half a failure.

I then set the trap on Central near Fifth, where there are a whole bunch of unspayed/unneutred cats.  This is where I just rescued Cookie.  These cats are SMART!  They were milling around, but nothing.  The trap had sat there for half hour, at least.  The other trap was set at Ferndale and Webster.  Nothing there either.  I felt like a total failure.

After all this, at my last stop on Pennsylvania near Fourth, I spotted a muted tortie that obviously has had kittens recently.  Another failure.  Must get her spayed.  The problem is, most there are already fixed, so it will be hard to trap her unless done with a drop trap.  I have her used to eating out of a bowl that I set closer to the street.

Speaking of this particular spot, thank you to those of you that donated the flowers for my little garden here.  Actually, its the cats little garden.  I think I am all set with flowers, its looking really beautiful.  We had major rain last night (did anyone hear that hail and thunder in the middle of the night?  YIKES!~)

My headlamp that I paid good money for several years ago has bit the dust.  I have now purchased the most expensive you can get locally in the hardware stores (below $30) and they are pretty cheap in comparison.  These have batteries that don't last long.  The nice one I had you had to charge it.  So, my wish list now includes batteries - Double A and Triple A.


Baylee was brought to my vet yesterday (RCAC was closed for walk in appointments) and after hearing that it would cost between $400-600 to do the testing needed.  He is a neutered male, uneartipped.  They did confirm it is not an upper respiratory infection, but more like "could be an oral nasal fistula, abcess spreading into nasal cavity, but the breathing suggests more.  Cancer?"  Baylee tested negative on combo test.  I have another appointment for him today at another clinic.

Birdie and Poppy are at clinic today for spaying.  They are so ready to be adopted.  Please help to spread the word.

No news on the situation that I mentioned yesterday.  The Humane Society will not give me any information.  If I could go to that house and break in and steal that dog, I would.

Take a good look at these pics (click on them to enlarge them), and help me to find homes for these sweet angels.

Have a good day.

Mr. Fluffypants #2 on Baldwin

Baldwin Babies

Mr. Fluffy Red on Short Street - unneutered

Mr. Whiskers #2 on Short (right)

SAM on Short Street

Big Red #2 on Pennsylvania and Fourth

Garden looking a little sad - pre-planting

New Shelters on Niagara (that blue bowl is already missing)



  1. Could we buy the dog from the lady? -Kristin

  2. I was in the room with your husband when the Veterinarian confirmed that Baylee is a neutered male. He must not have communicated that to you when he called you.

    1. Oh thats great, thank you - one less expense! I will edit my post.

  3. You should set up a Go Fund Me account for Baylee.

  4. Baylee being a neutered male might have an owner looking for him. Did your vet scan him for a microchip? Make sure the clinic does! And post an ad on craigslist lost and found and on facebook Found Stray Cats Rochester NY page. You never know. He might have an owner. He might have even been checked over for this problem and been on meds. Just like the white and blsck cat whose craigslist ad I forwarded you last night does, has a loving owner, and didnt sound very far away from where you feed. Hope he does- wouldnt it be nice to get him off your plate???