Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm Back!

from Colorado.  What a great time it was too.  Catch up with family.  Loved it.  Got a lot of sun too.  Maybe a bit too much.  Oh well.  You only live once.  Or twice?

Majestic Mountains



My view every morning

My view one morning!

Special special thanks to Sheryl and Kings.  Without help, I couldn't go ANYWHERE.  Those cats need me.  There was only one incident, apparently, for them on Garson.  Three men approached them as they were feeding behind this vacant lot next where I've mentioned before that the man that lives next door has built up some artsy things on his property, he moved from around the corner on Hayward when the bus company took over the land there and bought everyone out.  Anyways, these men were  apparently a bit threatening to them, and told them to stop feeding the cats back there.  I don't know what all was said, but I do know that within an hour of my arrival at home after a very long day of flying, I drove over to finally knock on the door of this man's house and plead my case.

I did, and he was there.  Nice man, really.  His name is Jeff, and he knew about me, said he heard me on the radio.  To be honest, I was embarrassed after he mentioned that because that was a crappy interview by Brother Wease.  The man did nothing to promote what I was doing in our city.  Crappy interview by a crappy interviewer. Anyway, I told him what I was doing, and he mentioned a cat walking around pregnant, told me one of his two cats is peeing everywhere and he was thinking of rehoming him.  Max.  He even brought out kitty to me to meet and he just layed in Jeff's arms, allowing me to stroke his chin.  Sweet kitty.  I told Jeff I would spread the word, but that it would be difficult to place a pee-er.  Told him I had a few myself but I wouldn't get rid of them because of that.  You just deal, and clean and clean and clean.  I told him I would get advice and leave it for him.  Along with my card.  He finally said I could continue to feed back there, and those men had nothing to do with him, but he said until other neighbors complained, I could continue.  I thanked him and hope I made a new friend!

In the meantime, the two red kitties were around to greet me this morning.  One on Bay Street, the other on Central Park.  I must find them temporary foster and get them medical attention.  I still have Poppy and Birdie that I am trying desperately to find a home for, together.

Tomorrow is TNR day.  I received a call from the older woman that reached out to me for help over a year ago with kittens on her porch, and she tells me there is a young red cat now that is injured that she is feeding and has offered to pay for help for it.  So I will set a trap there tomorrow, and the other on Seventh Street, because guess what I found this morning...  THREE baby kittens, hiding in the bushes.  I could only see their eyes illuminated.  Though as I crept closer, I could see they are about 4-5 weeks old.  God.  My heart sank.  What to do...  beautiful little things too.

Poppy and Birdie

Please spread the word about the plight out there.  We need more resources, I need more money for medical necessities for these cats, and I need food.  Thanks so much in advance.

Have a great day!


  1. Would Jeff let you take his cat to your vet to see if there is a medical reason for his peeing? It would build good will.

  2. Glad you got back safely and enjoyed your time in CO! Sounds like Jeff is willing to work with you which is a good start. Is his cat that pees neutered? I'm sure you already asked.