Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Blackie - every once in a while I get an update from someone who has helped take in a cat that was in a desperate situation.  This is one of them.  Sandy and Jim in Branchport offered to take in Blackie and acclimate him outdoors in their barn and surrounding property.  Blackie was living underneath a porch, on Stout Street off of Parsells and Grand, that I had shelters placed under for him and a few other cats.  The house had been vacant for a few years and the new owners were now renovating and hated me and the cats and made it clear that we were not welcome there any more.  Trashed our stuff.  But Blackie was still hanging around waiting to eat his only meal each morning.  So in a desperate search, Sandy, my former co-worker at the hospital, stepped up to the plate.  Blackie now lives the good life, and I am so thankful to this wonderful couple for providing him with love and safety.   Neither I, nor Blackie, could be any luckier.


Montego was another story.  "Puddles" was running around the streets of Rochester when he was just a kitten in 2012.  After trying to find a home for Puddles, my junior high school friend Donna and her husband Dan decided to try him out, and four years later, here he is.  So loved and adored, and forever safe.

Puddles then

Puddles then


Cookie is well.  She is in my bathroom.  She had an infected uterus (Pyrometra?) and was hypothermic.  She was sent home with a warming blanket, shot of antibiotic, ear-tipped, negative on leukemia test, and a large dose of pure sweetness to top it all off.

COOKIE!  I need to find a foster for her!
For the first time, I failed to get a picture of the two reds I trapped and let go this morning.  Spice on Seventh, and Parker on Parkside and Greeley.  Both were very unhappy campers overnight on my porch.  Kathy, thank you for offering the use of your camera.  I will take you up on that.  I really hate my Kodak camera, and I really hate my AT&T DUMB phone.  I am one of the very few left that doesn't have a smart phone.  Sorry, and not getting one any time soon.  I know those take the best pictures.

I have not seen my poor baby red on Bay Street since I've been back from Colorado on Sunday.  I have to wonder and worry as to what has happened, or where he is.

Kristin advised that the 3rd Meow and Chow Fundraiser will be held on September 17th at the same venue as last year.  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!  The weather will be cooler, and the theme will be cooler too!  :)

"True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future."


  1. Wow good save as far as Cookie is concerned. She could have certainly died from the pyometra if you hadnt gotten her spayed when you did yesterday.Hope that the fact that she is an orange female helps to get her adopted soon.

  2. Yes - good call Janine. That's a very deadly and painful condition.

  3. Poor Cookie! Thank God you picked her up when you did. I hope Cookie gets as happy an ending as Blackie and Puddles have. It's so nice to see them in their forever homes.