Tuesday, June 14, 2016

TNR Tuesday

Marvin.  As in Marvin Gaye.  Love that man and his music. Marvin was trapped this morning on Melville. A very feral cat he/she is. He I suspect.  Of course, these cats settle down the second the blanket is thrown over the trap, but when I went to snap a picture of him, he went ballistic all over again.  Poor thing.  So scared.  I don’t usually get them this feral.  I will keep him overnight on my porch again after he visits the clinic today.  Wish me luck putting food in there for him.  It will be a mess all over the cage I am sure by morning.

Marvin from Melville

I was only able to snare one kitty.  The other trap I set on Central, which has many unaltered kitties I've recently discovered since Cookie started to hang around, is defective.  I really need new traps.  The latch is not working properly.  So that was a waste of trapping spot this morning. Even if the fish were biting, that trap door wasn't going down any time soon.  It was stuck.  I do need a new trap.

I had the pleasure of a friend join me this morning on my route.  Thank you Cathy.  She was a good helper.  She will also attest as to how safe it is for me out there also.  Very quiet most days, and with the summer sun, its usually quite bright before I finish feeding all these cats – an average of five that I can see – at 14 different locations.  One has up to 14 or so due to the JERKS across the street on Parsells booting me out.  The house is still vacant.  Both of them.  The property managers, or landlords, or owners, whoever they are, obviously could care less about these cats well being.  They now have to cross the busy road if they want food in the morning.  I have temporary feeding stations, but don’t know how long this will last there.

Another sad situation on Seventh.  As I pulled down the board that shelters and covers the entrance to the huts and food inside, I witnessed another mangled mess.  I was able to make out the little head of a kitten.  There must have been four, this last one I had never seen, nor knew about.  I thought there were only three.  One was killed, same as this, and two were trapped Saturday and yesterday by Laura.  If any one can foster kittens, please let me know.  These two kittens are about 5-7 weeks old and need socialization.   Its such a heartache to see a baby like this, but I am getting so used to it now, it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.

A bit of good news.  Hermie, the kitty rescued off of Webster and Ferndale Crescent last year, who was fostered by my friend – who I call the Cat Whisperer – is doing well.  Hermie had a baseball sized hernia and was very hard to trap.  Thanks to Lori and Laura from Habitat for Cats for finally getting him!  I heard from his new ‘father’ – who also adopted Parsley from Parsells, if you will recall.  Hermie has been quite the hermit since he was brought over to his new house many months ago.  Here is what Eddie has to say:  “Hey Janine, hope you are alright.  I wanted to tell you that like a week ago Hermie started to come around!!  And he plays with Parsley!  He is trusting me little by little.  He gets close to me and smells my hands and feet and then back up, but he is getting there.  And I feel happier because of that.”  J

This is such great news.  These cats just have to learn to trust humans, in most situations – these humans have been so cruel to them before they are rescued.  I always tell people, with just time and patience, it will happen!  Thank you Eddie, and to all those that have given time and patience to their new kitties!

"My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly."


  1. The news about Hermie and Parsley makes me SO incredibly happy. Eddie sounds like a wonderful man. Thank you Eddie for welcoming these 2 babies into your home and heart!!

  2. Aww, good for Hermie! Eddie obviously has the patience to let Hermie make the first moves, which is just what a nervous cat needs. Maybe Hermie will even see Eddie playing with Parsley and think it looks like fun. If Eddie has a wand toy with a feather on the end, Hermie probably couldn't resist it!