Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday - Lizzie's Tail!

I want to thank again those of you that have shared stories with me for the blog.  I mentioned that I didn't care what the subject was, and I am hoping to have more of you write me.  Please send to me at janinethebean10@yahoo.com.  And send a picture or two!  :)

After winds of nearly 50 miles an hour overnight, the shelters pretty much stayed in place at the 19 locations where I have them set up, along with the food bowls.  I didn't have to replace too many.  There were cats galore though as they waited for me to arrive.  So many sweet ones.  And there are so many that need to be neutered or spayed.  Tis the season.  I need to start making appointments at the clinic - remember - these cats cost me $50 each for spay/neuter.  Its another $25 or more for combo testing for leukemia or FIV (when I rescue them).  This is all out of my own pocket.  Last year I TNR'd (trap, neuter, return) just about two per week from March to late November.  I spend a fortune year after year trying to clean up the City of Rochester of all these helpless defenseless animals, and what do I get as thanks from the City?  Nothing.

I leave you with a story from a girl who reached out to me after hearing about me several years ago, had the courage to ride with me one morning (and that was her last, she told me - too much sadness for her), and has brought so much into my life since meeting her.  I am thankful for you, Liz!  :) 


Hey World, 

        My name is Lizzie. Aka- The Gizz. I was a City Kitty that was adopted from Rochester Animal Services years ago by my new Mom's Uncle. I think I'm about 8 yrs old. He took such good care of me and I loved him very much. We'd listen to music together or simply sit on the porch together, watching the pigeons that he loved, almost as much as me. :) We were never the flashy sort, we didn't even own a TV. We liked the simple life. :) My new Mom always promised her Uncle that she, or her sister, would take care of me if something should happen to him.  Sadly, he passed away suddenly a couple of years ago. My new Mom and her sister did as they promised so I wouldn't have to go back to the cold and lonely shelter. Boy was I scared of moving! It was just me and my human for so long, enjoying the quiet life in the City. I then moved to the 'burbs and didn't understand why I had to share a house with other cats and why I was in a strange place.

I was so upset that I lashed out, hissed, and attacked every second I could. My Mom even had to have a vet come to the house because I refused to get into a carrier again. The vet asked my Mom if she wanted me 'put to sleep' because I was so mad. Not sure what that meant? He said I was a good cat just terrified. She said 'Absolutely not.' So each day, several times a day, she would simply come into the room and sit with me. She then started to talk to me a little bit, getting a little closer each time. She even put a radio in my room so I could listen to some of the music we used to listen to, when she was gone to work. She gave me treats and talked with me quietly. I slowly began to trust her. It took months before I let her pet me. Then I had to deal with those other four-legged critters that roamed this new place. They hated me because I was 'different.' I'm all white with just a few black spots. They are a brown tiger, a black & white tuxedo, and an all black guy. The old, cranky brown tiger tried to fight me all the time so my Mom had to keep me in my own room. Every once in awhile, she'd take the baby gate down to my door so I could stretch my legs and roam about this new place. But that old 'goat' would smell me and chase me when Mom wasn't looking. She even bit my tail once so bad I bled everywhere.

So, I got a room to myself. I didn't get much exercise and became very lazy. I only had a room with a view of the street and missed seeing the pigeons. She played with me but it wasn't the same as watching the birds or sitting with my best friend, listening to music. So, I gained a lot of weight. A LOT. I then got very sick. So sick that I was rushed to the hospital and poked & prodded non- stop for hours. I then was transferred to another hospital and they said the best chance I had to survive was with a feeding tube, even then it was only a 60% chance of survival. I was sad because I thought she left me at the vet and wasn't coming back. I declined more and the doctor said something about only having a 50% chance. Just then my Mom showed up. I was a mess from my feeding tube, cause I had been so sick, I smelled gross, and had just about given up. My Mom hugged me, kissed me, told me how much she loved me, and wanted me to get better. She stayed with me for over an hour. The people treated me so well, but I was so scared of them that I drooled every time the Doctor would step into the room. My Mom came to see me every single day and even brought me one of her shirts to lay on while I was in the hospital.

She went home very, very sad the day the Dr mentioned a 50% chance of survival, wondering if she had done the right things for me. She told me when she got home, sat on her bed and cried. Just then. a pigeon flew into our yard. A PIGEON! You see, my new house is in the 'burbs. We have plenty of birds, squirrels, turkeys, deer, raccoon, opossum, even a bear once, but never, ever a pigeon! This pigeon just simply strolled around the yard, didn't eat anything, just literally walked around for about 15 minutes, then he was gone and never seen again. It made her smile because she immediately thought of her Uncle's love for pigeons and that he was reassuring her, that she was doing everything right to take care of me, his beloved kitty cat. So, she told me that story and it made me happy too that even though he was in a different place, he was still thinking of me. I started getting a little better and stronger each day and started head butting Mom each day when she visited me. I finally got to go home after over a week in the hospital. I had to keep that stupid feeding tube in for awhile but I got moved to a 'room with a view.' I got to see all the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and every other four legged critter my Mom feeds. I was ALIVE! She had a vet come to the house for checkups because boy was I scared to go back to the vet.

So today, just about 6 months later, I'm doing great! No feeding tube, one pill every other day, and one shot every 2 weeks. I'm so glad my Mom didn't give up on me. Dr. Gshrey at Southtowne Vet Hospital and all of his staff was so incredibly nice to me, even though I was kind of mean to them. Dr. Allie from Doorbell Vet always treated me just like her own too. These great people saved my life and I'm furrever grateful! Also, to the people at Rochester Animal Services that took me in so many years ago, thank you for taking care of me so I could be adopted. I had a great life with my Mom's Uncle and loved him as much as he loved me. So, I say to all of you humans that do anything, big or small, to help out homeless kitties, just know you are making a tremendous difference to all of them and I thank YOU all from the bottom of my furry heart! One day they will all have homes because of you! Keep up the great work!

Hugs & purrs,

SWEET!  :)

Have a great day all!


  • In the west of England it was believed that a sore eye would be cured if a cat's tail were passed over it nine times.
  • When one hears a cat 'singing' at night, it means that someone in the immediate area has just gone to his reward.
  • If a farmer's cat turns his tail toward the stove or fireplace, his owner anticipates frost the following morning.
  • A black cat is an omen of nasty weather, according to sailors.
  • Sailors were horrified by the presence of a cat aboard their ship, yet it was believed they would have a safe voyage if their wives kept a black cat at home.
  • Rain was indicated if a cat was seen washing behind its ears with its paws.
  • In Abyssinian days of yore, any unmarried girl owning a cat was looked on as a wealthy catch.  NOT ANYMORE! :)


  1. Bless Lizzie's mom for not giving up on her and taking such extraordinary care of her. She is someone to look up to.

  2. great story! thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Liz,

    What an Amazing story! Brought tears to my eyes throughout but such a happy ending. You are a great person for all you did to keep Lizzie healthy and alive. Thank you very much for sharing with us and for your support of Janine's mission of (Saving Rochester's Cats One At A Time). Your Uncle is very very proud of you.

    Walt Simoni

    1. Thank you all for the kind words. Lizzie is truly a special 'kitty cat' as my Uncle would call her. Thankfully I had the resources to care for her and a great team to help give her a fighting chance. I also would like to thank all of you. You see I have met some amazing people thru Janine and have taken a little away from all of you. Each blog post/comment, each rescue group she has introduced me to, or simply hearing stories of how all of you help these poor city kitties has educated me on many things and has slowly increased my faith in humanity again. So keep up your stories, keep spreading the word because you never know who may be benefiting from your thoughts & advice. The kitties definitely are! So, from Lizzie & I, thank YOU for the difference you all are making!