Monday, February 29, 2016

Its That Time of Year Again!

Yes, they're back.  The flies, the ants, the rats, the kittens.  I rescued a beautiful and sweet girl that looks pregnant from Parsells on Saturday morning.  She is a beauty too.  I have named her Esmeralda.  I will be bringing her to vet today to determine if she is in fact pregnant.  I will make an appointment for a spay if she is, or isn't.  She is also missing a lot of fur.

Esmeralda - the SWEETEST girl!!  Needs a home!
I had to explain to the family that is currently fostering her about spaying a pregnant cat.  I told them that for each kitten born, there are twenty being euthanized, or dying a horrible death on the street.  Actually both.  There are two young girls under the age of seven in this family, and I didn't want to say she was for sure pregnant, as they wouldn't understand if she came back to them not pregnant - so we said we aren't sure if she is or not.  I don't feel good making a decision like this, and I did put it out there in case a group was adamant about taking her and letting her have her babies, but it didn't happen fast enough, and now I am determined to help decrease the population of unwanted and homeless cats.

And now for a nice story from our girl, Carol O.!

"I’ll confess – there are times when, for any number of reasons I find it hard to read Janine’s blog.  When I met her several years ago I was very content with one cat and one dog.  Today, I have four cats.  Yes, that is one reason I find it hard to read Janine’s blog.  How in the world can you say ‘no’ to those precious kitties?  Like Lay’s potato chips, you can’t have just one

Sam, my sweet boy who I had when I met Janine left us at the ripe old age of 19.  It’s always hard to let go, but he had a good long life and it was his choice to go.  He would be happy we have opened our home to his cousins.

Today, we have Abby, Greta, Alice and Murphy.  Each came to us through the caring hands of Janine Wagner.  If they could talk they would tell you that life on the streets is no life at all; they lived in constant fear and never knew when (or if) their next meal would come.  They would let you know that all they ever wanted was for someone to love them.


Since I can talk (boy can I talk), I will say ‘Thank You’ to Janine Wagner on their behalf.  And, ‘Thank You,’ to the many people who help and support her.  Abby, Greta, Alice and Murphy have brought more joy into our home than words can possibly describe.

To show our gratitude, my husband and I make a monthly donation of food or contribute to Rochester Community Animal Services in Janine’s name.  Please join us with your support of Janine and her efforts to rescue Rochester’s stray cats, one at a time."

Thank you Carol!

Have a great Monday everyone!


"Many females, or queens, are in heat almost constantly if not fixed.  The female keeps this up well through her eight year; some queens have produced litters at the ripe age of 25.

The queen announces her condition in a caterwaul that carries unbelievable distances, and all tomcats within earshot respond happily and swiftly.

The cats gestation period (pregnancy) is about sixty two days."

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  1. Carol,

    Thank you for sharing your story but more importantly for all your support of Janine's mission. Your Cats are beautiful and no doubt were living a life of hell until Janine rescued them and you ultimately saved them through adoption.

    Walt Simoni