Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hump Day

Me and niece Amy - oh so long ago.... those kneecaps aren't working so well these days!
When I started doing what I do, feeding, sheltering, spaying and neutering - the ones I am able, the ones that find the shelters and food, the ones I can trap - in the Beechwood section of Rochester, New York, God knows how long ago I started this - I knew there would be sadness.  But as I go every day, I am able to separate sadness for reality and way of life out there for these cats. Some are stronger than others, and the ones that aren't, and are friendly, I rescue.  When I finish up each morning, I drive home with a sense of satisfaction, that I have made a difference.  Even if for just one animal.  Even if it was just a raccoon. Kidding.

Lately, in the past year, I've been getting phone calls from strangers begging for help for their cats, or the cats they are seeing around their house, or the guy in Arizona who reached out to me because his elderly mother has now moved from the city but she goes back to feed the pregnant cats near Lyell Avenue as she had been feeding when she lived there in the soon to be sold house, or yesterday, the guy my tax attorney asked for help with who inherited his aunt's cat that has been peeing all over the house, who called me to say he has tried everything, and now needs to get rid of this cat, or even today, I received a message from someone's son advising that his mom is in hospice and she knew how much I cared for cats and was hoping I could adopt her two.  She wanted them to stay together.  Or at the very least, he wanted me to point him in the right direction.  What do I say to this?  I am NOT a rescue group, we don't have enough rescue groups in this city, we don't have enough resources to help all those that need our help, and I don't have help, period.  I juggle a full time job, a house, relationships, my own cats, trying to make ends meet, worry constantly about job stability and if I can make the next car payment, and then I have people calling me, begging for my help.

But I don't just ignore these people, I TRY to point them in the right direction, give them advice, find them advice through social media, physically help them if I can.  Look at the new 'friend' in my life, Gael, who got my number from someone, to help her with the cats she had on her porch, and who calls me four times a day because she is the loneliest person I know - that was a year ago.  With the help of a girl, we managed to get four cats from there, spayed and neutered.

My heart breaks every time someone tells me something about an animal in need.  I can't take it.  I don't know what to say now to this man whose mother is in hospice.  I never met the woman, but she has read my blog, sends me occasional emails, and is obviously a kind and good woman.  I don't have the answers!

Sorry, I guess I am venting here, but I need to do it.  I can't save the world, but I can save one animal at a time.

The life of an abandoned cat can be a very sad, lonely and dangerous one.  These cats are not only scared and hungry but are also at risk of being tortured, poisoned, hit by cars, or even shot.  Remember, not all cats are 'strays'.  House cats accidentally get out of their homes and are searching for their homes.  They are well groomed and may have a collar.  Many people post their lost cats on Craigslist.  Please help us keep the feral cat population down by spaying/neutering your cat.


  1. Keep up the Excellent work Cat Angel! Do not allow everyone's personal situations get you down. You can only do so much especially with your limited help and resources.

    Walt Simoni

  2. If you post on the below facebook page the area of the place where a feral cat caretaker is needed to take over, like for the above situation where the elderly caretaker has moved away, hopefully someone who lives or is already feeding nearby will see it and offer to take over.
    This facebook page thst Frank Vaccaro made up looks like it may be a real Godsend to be a place for feral caretakers and trappers to finally have a place to share info and ideas!!

    Feral Cats Rochester NY

    This page is meant to be a resource for those who desire to take care of feral cats or neighborhood cats. It is also a place for experienced caregivers to share their expertise!