Friday, March 18, 2016

It Adds Up!

$155.20.   Thats what it cost me yesterday at Walmart to buy the following:

2 bags Kit & Kaboodle - 16 lbs ($9.97 per bag)
4 bags Kit & Kaboodle - 22 lbs ($13.68 per bag)
1 bag Kit & Kaboodle - 30 lbs ($18.98 per bag)
52 large Friskie cans wet food ($1.08 per can)
TAX:  $12.42

That's enough dry food and wet food last five-six days to feed the hungry cats in the Beechwood section of the City of Rochester, NY.  There are over 70 cats that I know of that depend on this food.  According to my calculations ($155 x 52), that's $8,000+ each year I am spending on dry and wet food alone.  That doesn't include veterinary fees that average $100 per week from April through November (two cats spay/neuter - each week).  Thats a lot of money.

I have applied for tax exempt status - should be any time now, and that would have saved me the $12.42 in tax.  Which helps.  Every little bit helps.

WHY - what drives me to do this?  Could YOU turn your back on a hungry animal?  I don't know when this will ever end, but I am determined to make a dent somehow in this city of OURS.  PLEASE, help me to help them.  I just can't continue to do it alone.

I reached out to the woman that adopted Francie Pants this past December.  Below is a pic, and here is what Tina had to say:  "She is doing fine however she continues to be very timid and Afraid and will not be out and social ,she's always hiding unless I bring her out - she won't have nothing to do with my other cat."

Lulu, Teddy and Emma (the dogs)

At least she is off the street and loved.  If you remember, she had a very very bad URI when I rescued her. She could barely breathe.  So thankful for all these rescues.  And the people that have adopted and fostered. Thank you!

Have a good day!

 "Life is contemptuous of knowledge; it forces it to sit in the anterooms, to wait outside. Passion, energy, lies: these are what life admires. Still, anything can be endured if all humanity is watching. The martyrs prove it. We live in the attention of others. We turn to it as flowers to the sun."


  1. It's time to change the tab to "EASTER" fundraiser.It still says "VALENTINES" on the tab above. At this time of year, we think of how Jesus have his life to save us. We can also save a life of a kitty with donations !

  2. You might suggest to FranciePants' adopter to try Feliway spray or diffusers. They really do help kitties feel calm and unthreatened and might really help her.