Friday, March 11, 2016


Woo hoo!  Its Friday.  So much planned for the weekend.  So much to do around the house.  I will have a houseguest coming from very far away at the end of March, so tidying up and trying to make the house look like a five star hotel.  :)  I say 'the queen is coming'.  :)  She will be riding with me to see what I do in the mornings.  It will be quite an enlightening experience for her, to say the least.  I probably will feel like a nut at first.  I LOOK like a nut to most people.  People that can't figure out how I do it, or why.  Or why I go in the dark, in the early morning hours.  Why not go during the day?  Nevertheless, it will be nice to have a fresh set of eyes seeing what I do out there every day of my life.

Sick Tabby on Parsells - next rescue!  WHAT TO NAME HIM???
This morning, I forgot my camera again. I was pretty upset because I saw so many beautiful kitties.  At my first stop, there is a big red fluffy cat that has been hiding from me for nearly two years now.  Well guess what, that little fluffball finally let me pet him this morning, and feel around his belly.  And behind. He doesn't feel like a boy, and doesn't feel like he has babies in his belly, but no ear tip, so its hard to tell.   I think he must be on my rescue list for sure.  Along with sweet little tabby boy at the second spot on Parsells.  He is still sick, and I gave him his third daily dose of Clavamox, but running out so if anyone has any, I would surely appreciate it.
CAMMY in the old days

BUTTONS in the old days

Parsley is doing so well.  I can hear him now running around like a crazy boy upstairs.  He is so playful, and so lovable.  I must find him a permanent home.  In the meantime, tomorrow, he will go to a foster's house to get him acclimated to other cats, and a dog.  I know its stressful for these cats, but hopefully it won't be a long foster, hopefully, fingers crossed, Cammy's new parents will want to adopt Parsley.  They expressed interest, now we just need to introduce them!

Buttons comes more and more out of her shell everyday.  She loves to lay with me in the mornings on the couch while I watch the news (at 3 am!) and sip my coffee.  A real cuddler.


Esmeralda, also being fostered, is ready for her forever home.  She has now met her foster family's brood, the two young girls, the pug, and two other cats.  And she gets along with everyone.  Such a good kitty.


ESME says:  ADOPT ME!!!  I want to cuddle with you!

Hermie continues to make progress.  He is a good boy and needs a home with someone who will give him love and patience.  He really is sweet, and loves human interaction, even though he was out on the streets with no love and attention for a long time.  He had a hernia the size of a golf ball and thanks to Laura from Habitat for Cats, he was trapped and had a minor surgery to remove it.  He is good to go! 

HERMIE at top
That's it for today.  Its been a long week, and I plan to savor every moment of the weekend.

Have a great day!

"The happiest people don't have
the best of everything
they just make the best of everything."

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