Thursday, March 24, 2016


7th Street
Snow.  Winter is back.  Ha.  Its March 24th and we have a trace of snow on the ground.  WT...  H?

I am now able to hold Scooter and Marbles each morning.  They run to me.  Marbles stands on his hind legs every time to greet me.  Scooter runs to my car.  These are my next two rescues.  Precious babies, and each morning I hold my breath when I pull up, praying they are there. 

Parsley was supposed to be delivered to my house yesterday on his foster mom's day off, but Parsley is frightened to death of the carrier.  She wasn't able to get him in and then he was too spooked to do anything with her.  Any suggestions, anybody?  He will eventually go to his new home, fingers crossed, Saturday morning.  The woman that came to meet Esmeralda at her foster family's house want to wait until spring break next week is over.  Fingers crossed they are still interested.  In the meantime, Hermie continues to get the love and comfort of his foster mom, and every day gets better and better enough to go to a nice, quiet home where he will be the king of his castle.  THEN, I plan on getting Marbles from Central and Third, and Scooter from Parsells.  Scooter is just a year old.  Adorable and sweet.  He purrs and purrs when I hold him.  Its amazing, they were so untrusting of me when I first started to feed these cats.

Well, my friend is here visiting until the end of next week, I have the day off tomorrow, and I don't have a lot to say today, except spread the word.  Spay and neuter your pets.  My 'job' would be so much easier.

Have a great day!

"God doesn't give us what we can handle.  God helps us handle what we are given."


  1. When Parsley is relaxed scoop him up in a blanket while you speak to him in a low clam voice, maybe sing or hum. You should always leave the carrier in plain sight of a new cat for as long as it takes for them to feel comfortable enough to enter it without coaxing. Prop the door open, or take it off, put in bedding and toys and snacks. If you have more than one cat it may take less time for the new one to adjest when he sees the others going in and out.

  2. Feliway spray in carrier. It really works.

  3. These kitties (Scooter and Marbles) are all Janine say's they are ( I met them in person )- please get the word out that they will make an awesome addition to a family!!! If I didn't have nine now I would love to be able to have them in our family ! Still working on it!!

  4. I sprinkle catnip inside the carrier - works everytime!!

  5. I have a large dog carrier that might be less intimidating for him if you'd like to borrow it. -Melissa.