Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Breeds Ignorance

It was a good weekend.  I did a bit of tidying up in my home, threw some stuff out, donated some stuff, still plenty more to go.  I am not a hoarder, although I will admit I have a hard time tossing those sexy jeans I wore when I was in my 20s, thinking 'I will fit in those again someday!'.

The shelter on Parsells, on the porch of the vacant house that I've been feeding on for two winters now.  Where whoever actually owned the house came by one day and removed all my beautiful totes and such that Parsley, and at least five other cats took shelter in.  I wound up placing two new shelters on the adjoining porch and fed the cats there since this happened a month or so ago.  I received a call from the woman that lives next door - the nice man Carl's wife, Audrey, asking me to move the cats somewhere else.  She cited the reasons to be her 'grandbabies were terrified' and so were her 'customers' (I have no idea what business she is in).  She said the cats pee in her garden and spray her house.  I tried to tell her that I am trying to clean up HER neighborhood, and once the males and females are all fixed, their population will dwindle, and they won't spray once they are neutered either.   She didn't really listen to any of that, and I did tell her that I wasn't moving until I could rescue the few cats left there.  Someone mentioned an orange spray, a citrus smell that cats don't like, and I can even bring her some, to keep the cats from under their porch, where Parsley mostly lived all winter.  She said she called Humane Society and they wouldn't come do anything about it.  I told her I would do my best, move the shelters back to the original porch for now, and wished her a good day.  She said we would be having a conversation about this again.

As I reflected on this conversation, I thought about the trash that was left from the people moving all the stuff inside this elderly woman's house, where the shelters were.  Whoever removed the contents of the house left half of this poor woman's precious memorabilia - photos, returned checks from the bank, all sorts of personal stuff, on the lawn.  I thought, this woman is complaining about the cats, but look at the yard next door.  I personally would even clean it up if it made any difference to these ignorant people.  But I don't really think it would.

PARSLEY was rescued from this dumpy area on Parsells

There are at least four cats there this morning, two friendly.  One of the smaller tabbies, sweet boy, is very sick.  I must bring him Clavamox tomorrow, and I must get him out of there.  He will make a sweet soulmate for someone.  The other is the fluffy boy that I've been feeding for many years on Parsells.  He would also be a good boy for someone.  The others are semi-feral, and won't get too close to me.

Another revelation this weekend.  Remember how I said someone insane was doing crazy stuff at the shelters on Baldwin and Grand?  There is a nice man that lives next door to this lot named Mark, a black man, who lives there with his family.  Across the street is a nice black man named Larry.  I had left them both notes to call me if they saw anyone messing with the shelters there, and I never did get a call.  Well, Mark was leaving for work or whatever when I was there Sunday morning, and he said that there was a woman coming around, and that at first, he thought it might be someone I knew, and then he asked her and she said she had 'talked to' me and she had permission.  Well, he put two and two together, he said she sounded crazy, and she had a back pack.  Yup.  Crazy Maryleigh.  I KNEW it.  He told her not to be messing with anything there, and hopefully he nipped it in the bud.  I can't wait to see her again.  Just last week she left a plate of some kind of food inside the shelter.  Crazy B.  I hope I don't have to deal with her again.

There are a ton of cats out there that need to be spayed and neutered.  I need help.  Tomorrow, Esmeralda goes in for spay (I don't think she is pregnant like I thought last week), and so does the boy cat my niece has.  Momma cat, her other cat that was in labor for 24 hours at least and delivered many dead babies, is doing well.  So is her son, yet unnamed, although I hear he is a 'screamer'.  :)

Have a great day.

"What is a cat?

Felis catus is a four-legged creature
with a furry coat, considerable
intelligence, consummate grace and
eternal dignity.

He is usually disliked by dog-lovers,
who say they do not understand the cat.  This
is unremarkable because the cat requires
a great deal of understanding ---
including the fact he doesn't give a damn
whether you understand him or not."


  1. Call the Police on that Crazy BITCH Maryleigh. Let them know the man seen her stealing and or damaging your property(huts)(shelters). You need to take care of it now before it escalates and your emotions and frustrations cause you to react in a way that you get in trouble!


  2. I wish we could fix stupid, but we can't. Thanks for the nice note you sent me!Cathysinacola

  3. I'm in your neighborhood and feeding a stray off culver.