Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Sort of exciting morning in the hood today.  The usual feedings - on Parsells - where I recently heard from the woman named Audrey about not feeding the cats next door to her - there is a beautiful tabby cat, young, that needs a home, but has bad upper respiratory.  The only thing I can do, until I can find someone to foster or adopt, is to pill him.  So I brought a Clavamox pill and he gobbled up the ball of wet food I hid it in.  I will continue to do this daily, until he sounds better.  Poor thing.  I must get pictures.

At each stop, the food was gone, and there were hungry cats waiting for their breakfast.  I got to Central and Third, did my usual feeding at that boarded up house (that I will soon need to relocate as someone has purchased this house and will want my stuff gone), a cop drove up and asked me if I heard any gunshots.  I said I hadn't SINCE  A MONTH AGO WHEN I REPORTED IT!  No, I didn't yell this.  Just found it ironic.  A month ago, I did hear gunshots, reported it, and not one cop stopped to ask the person, me, about it even after they shined their spotlight on me in a dark field.  So there must have been 10 cars out prowling this morning, just two when I reported it back then and they were gone in a flash.  I know I am nuts.  There is some crazy stuff going on in these neighborhoods, not usually this early, but I just go about my business, no fear.  I don't know why that is.  That I have no fear.  But yet, if you sneak up behind me I will scream.  If I see a spider crawling on my ceiling, I will not rest until I can remove it from the room.

This morning, Esmeralda will be going to the clinic.  She has been being fostered by a sweet family, who last fostered Murphy, who was happily adopted a month or so ago.  I had suspected Esme to be pregnant when she ran up to me as I was pouring food into the bowls at the first Parsells spot a few weeks ago, a lot of fur missing, and her sides bulging, but now I don't think she is.  She looks slimmer there.  My niece's other male cat will be going in for snip snip today also.  By the way, regarding the comment from yesterday, Momma's milk ducts never formed, so baby could not nurse.  Which is why baby is now being bottle fed.

One last thing, I received a call from a man the other day, he was given my name and number by someone...  He recently bought his mother a house in a suburb, away from her home in the city, a very bad part of the city.  His mother loves cats, and was feeding ferals at her city home, which by the way were reproducing left and right, but at least she was feeding them?  His mother is 78 and has bad legs, or something like that.  He was worried about her going over to her old house to feed these cats.  He reached out to me, along with several other people, for help.  My heart went out to this man.  He is an animal lover, and knows how important this is to his mother.  Ideally he would like to see these ferals go to a barn.  I told him I would put it out there, although no one has responded to me on Facebook, which I am also quite disappointed about.  Of all the animal groups and friend I have on Facebook, there was not a lot of response to my plea.  I gave him Lollipop's number as they have a barn program, and told him perhaps they could also give him advice.  I asked him to keep in touch.  I just wish I could help this man, and his mother, but I have so much on my plate.  If I had a million dollars, I would hire someone to go to this property (which is being sold soon) and feed and take care of these cats (TNR also).  There are just so many sad stories.


But on a brighter note.  If you remember Nora and her baby Violet, who couldn't eat, here they are in their new home which they've been in since before Christmas.  Violet is thriving, and they are finally in a permanent loving home, together.  Such cute pictures....

Violet with her Mommy NORA

VIOLET's Favorite Toy - The Scratching Post!

Have a nice day!

The following is dedicated to my friend Jessica, who lost her 17 year old cat, Sierra, two days ago.


  1. Awww, thank you! That's so sweet. It's true, they never really leave us, only physically. I'm trying to write down all my memories of her although it's emotional and hard, it is cathartic.

  2. I dont see your plea request for barn homes on facebook. Are you sure it got posted? Date?

  3. Sorry you did not receive a lot of response to your plea but I think all your cat friends are most likely in overload also.

  4. Jessica, deepest condolences to you on your beloved kitty Sierra.I'm sure you gave her tons of love & a great home/life. Prayer said for you and her. :(

  5. Janine, I don't know where on 3rd& Central you feed the kitties but on a City of Roch website, they show 337-341 Central Pk as City owned property, along with 33, 65, and 69 third street as all City owned property.If you list the other streets, I'll look them up too. Maybe we can get garden permits for those?