Monday, March 14, 2016

Blood Bath

Don't worry Peeps.  Nothing bad today.  Just thinking about when my cat scratches me, usually not intentional.  I trimmed five of my kitties nails yesterday.  Those are the ones that let me.  The other few scream or are too strong for me to hold them while skwirming to get away.  I am still teaching people about what declawing will do to a cat.  There are people still out there that don't know how bad it is.  I just told one person - the alternatives:  Trim their nails, get double sided tape for the furniture, a spray bottle, and a firm NO!  If you regard your furniture to be more precious than your cat, don't get a cat. 

If you will recall, my niece's cat had babies - from her perspective, she delivered 14 babies.  I think they were baby body parts (sorry to be so gross), and continued to be in labor for the next 24 hours or so, delivering two dead babies, one alive baby, and then an emergency spay which resulted in two dead babies inside of her.  Here is the little prince, named Peppercorn, as he is today.  What, two weeks old?  Still being bottle fed by a caring individual who is part of the Keller's Kats rescue group.  What a CUTIE!

Don't forget to click on pictures to see up close!~

I took some pictures Sunday morning to share who is out there and who needs to be rescued.

Parsley's Twin on Parsells

Sick kitty on Parsells (next rescue)

Gemma's Twin on Garson

Gemma's Twin rolls over every morning on sidewalk

Kitty inside shelter on Grand and Baldwin

Fluffypants #2 on Baldwin and Grand

Big Red #2 on 4th and Pennsylvania


MARBLES on Third & Central

All these angels need homes.  Please consider foster and adoption.

will never come again.
Be a blessing.
Be a friend.
Encourage someone.
Take Time To Care.
Let your words heal
and not wound."

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  1. Oh my gosh - there are SO many kitties out there!! Peppercorn is ADORABLE!!!! I love his name. Thank you to the people at Keller's Kats for taking care of this little sweetheart. ♥