Thursday, March 17, 2016


Thursday.  Gosh, this has been the longest week, I swear.  I have so much on my plate these days.  It seems like there is a constant list of what needs to be done.  At my home, and out there, with the cats.  I  think TNR starts in April (for me - I've made appointments with the clinic for two cats a week for the entire remainder of the year), and I will still have a house guest here that morning I believe, and she will experience first hand what we as Americans do, the lengths we go to, in helping the discarded animals in our city.   I will  polish off the old rusty traps I have in my garage - I purchased a new one two years ago, and its been banged around so many times, I am hoping it still works.   I will need to buy the tuna in a pouch, good for placing in two traps, and get my tiny little bowls that will fit into the traps to fill with food and water to keep the kitties as comfortable as possible when they return from the clinic and spend the night on my porch before being put back on the streets again.  I do not look forward to this time of year, its heartbreaking for me to TNR, but its so necessary.  We cannot have any more kittens.  There are just too many.  For each one born, ten adult cats are euthanized.  I know its a much higher number, I am just putting that fact out there.  I really need help accomplishing what needs to be accomplished this year.

My niece called this morning.  The male cat I had neutered for her last week, Midnight, still has a strong urine stench - the kind that unneutered males have.  Its been a week at least I think.  She says he is also spraying.  Her home consists of just her and the female cat that he's known and lived with.  I am not sure what to tell her. Any ideas anybody?

I received a note from Parsley's foster mom, who has a 90 pound dog, and here is what she has to say!

PAN the Dog, and PARSLEY the Cat

"Progress!  A home with dogs is a definite option!"

This is great news.  I can't wait til Parsley finds her permanent home.  I am sure he can't wait either.

That's all I have today folks.  Its gotten rather boring out there for me, and you reading this.  Although wait!  Some freak this morning waved me down, and when I rolled open my window (you never know if they are in real trouble!) slightly, and he was hawking a phone set.  I told him thanks but no thanks, then asked if I could pay in cat food.  Wished him a good day and told him to be kind to animals, as I drove off to the next spot.  :)

Have a great day all.

"Faith is believing that it's not God who is wearing us away with trials but, rather, making us strong enough to bear them."


  1. It can take several weeks for the strong urine smell to go away in a freshly neutered cat.

  2. Bumble Bee just recalled tuna today so be careful to stay away from there's

  3. Aww, Parsley's making friends! Good boy!