Monday, March 21, 2016

So Many

Its been rather quiet out there these days.  I don't know if this means the neighborhood is changing, or what.  It used to be crawling with hookers, people out at all times of the night, loud cars whizzing by, people approaching me for money...  nothing.  Really.  I'll take it, but there isn't much to report in that respect on this blog.  So you will just have to take what you get.  Ha.  :)  Again, its so important to me that you share your stories, if not for my sake, then for others!  Think about the people (few) reading this.  You could teach something, or just share  story about your dog, your cat, or even write to your dog or cat, what would you say?

I think I have found a home for Parsley!  See, word of mouth is so important.  My friend Nancy's daughter works with a man who is looking for a cat.  I spoke to him on the phone last evening and he sounds very nice.  And he just happens to live close to the area where I feed, in the Beechwood neighborhood.  I told this man that Parsley actually was rescued just blocks away from his house!  So this Saturday, I will bring Parsley over to this man's home and hope it is a match!  Fingers crossed. 

That leaves Hermie and Esmeralda left in foster care.  I am looking for a quiet and stable home for Hermie, who scares easily but loves to be loved.  He was rescued last summer from Webster Avenue, having known nothing but the cold and cruel streets his whole life.  What a dramatic change he has gone through in the hands of who I call the Cat Whisperer, Melissa.  She has taken the time and patience to slowly bring him to the state of coming out, playing, trusting, and wanting affection from a human.  Hermie had a baseball sized hernia hanging from his belly that would have slowly killed him, and we thought he would never be captured.  It took the time and patience of Laura from Habitat for Cats to get him, finally.  He had surgery to remove it and we just couldn't put him back on the streets, especially where Crazy Maryleigh was patrolling every day.

Then there is Esmeralda, who must have been someone's pet at one point.  She is sweet and loving and gentle, and is in the care of a family who treat her like one of their own.  They have a pug dog, and two other cats, and there hasn't been a single incident to show that Esmeralda doesn't get along with another single living thing.  (JUST GOT WORD THAT A FAMILY IS COMING TO MEET ESME THIS EVENING!)

There are so many cats out there that must have been someone's pet, proof being one that I feed that still has her bell collar on, as frayed as it is.  I've been feeding her on the streets for two years now.  She runs from under a porch on Parsells, sweet as can be, and gobbles up the food I leave her.  Her 'owners' must have moved away.  Just like the nearly 80 I rescued last year, someone or another had these cats as kittens, and once they got older, and perhaps started to spray because of not being neutered or spayed, they were shooed outside to fend for themselves. 

I am doing my small part in this world.  There are rescue groups in Rochester, some specialize in kittens (Kitten Korner, Keller's Kats), some do their best to go out into the fields and spay/neuter (TNR) (Habitat for Cats), then there are the people that feed cats on their own back porch, and then there are people like me, who have a few shelters scattered around town, who feed these cats.  I go a bit further in spay/neutering those I can, and rescuing some here and there.  I have 19 shelters in the Beechwood section of Rochester, and I care for all of these cats I see, on average I see 3-4 cats at each location, who knows what comes after I leave.  There are just so many.

Have a nice day.

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."


  1. Thank YOU to all those that help in anyway possible. Money helps quite a bit but so does word of mouth! Here's a perfect example of two more kitties that may get forever homes because someone told someone, someone posted something, or someone saw an article or heard about Janine in some way. Keep it up, I am confident that one day this will all be a nightmare and every kitty will have a warm home of their own. Excellent job Team Roc City Kitty's!

  2. My fingers are crossed for Parsley and Esmerelda to get homes this week! And Hermie too. He is coming along so amazingly well!