Tuesday, March 29, 2016


SO MUCH going on!  To start with, Parsley.  Ciara managed to get him into the carrier, he was delivered Friday, spent the night in the bathroom CRYING because he hates to be cooped up and alone!  He was delivered to his new home Saturday morning, and I do believe it is a great match, although I have not heard from the man in two days.  I get very nervous with new adoptions, I need to know how things are progressing.  So, I will track the man down somehow today.

The other story.  The man that reached out to me from Arizona because his mother was feeding ferals at her old house in the city and had a cat in the basement with suspected pregnancy, Ciara offered to help.  I was told things were taken care of there by a rescue group, but Ciara didn't get the message on time, and contacted the old woman, and was let in the house, only to discover not only the cat still in the basement, but her five newborns!  Well, not newborns, apparently they are walking and have their eyes open.  So thumbs up to my friend for going the extra mile there.  And to the others that offered their help.  Apparently, I've been told, that the ferals outside have all been fixed.  So mama and kittens are with my friend now.

Niagara Street - I had a dreadful morning Sunday when I went to the Niagara Street location.  I had a nasty encounter with a resident there.  If you will recall, I had an encounter with the same man months ago who claimed he was 'security' there.  Well, he lied.  He just lives there.  And apparently has nothing better to do at 5 am. but to wait for me and come and throw the food I leave under the fence for that cats that are enclosed there.  Yes, I believe there are two that cannot squeeze under the fence, nor climb it.  He told me not to do it, I told him I would never stop feeding a hungry cat, and then we got into it.  I did tell him I wouldn't put the food under but that I would put it under the tree, beyond the sidewalk, on city property.  He said he would just throw it away after I left.  That's the first time I said I was going to call the police.  At one point, I said something and he said now its personal.  I said what - are you going to hit me?   He started to open the gate and I called 911.  The operator asked what does the man look like (they could hear his raised voice), I said tall, black and loud.  I wish I had said tall, black, loud and well fed.  The loud conversation began when he started to talk over what I was saying.  Not hearing a word.  Within minutes two police officers arrived.  I told one of them my side, he told the other his.  The outcome was that I said I would not place the food under the fence (it is private property) and he would not touch what I leave under the tree.

I had told the officer that it was me and other rescuers who have reduced the population of this spot from 20+ cats living behind the fence, to seven or so now.  I told him that I couldn't move these cats across the street, or relocate them, as he asked, because you just can't do that so easily, and that the cats just wouldn't cross the street to the nice shelter I have there, they just won't do it.  I also told him that most can't climb that fence to begin with.  I told him those animals, that live in the crack of two buildings, were starving and I was their only source of food (along with another girl who goes there every other day).   He then went over to the guy and I could hear this jerk say "I love animals", "They eat out of the dumpsters", I said out loud, 'oh sure, and they are stuffed by the time they are done each day, sure, you LOVE animals, don'tcha.'  To me, this is pure animal cruelty, but legal cruelty.  He has been dumping the two paper plates of food that are left there. These animals are starving.  SOMETHING must be done.  I've noticed the past two days, most can climb or go under the fence (scraping their bodies to do this) to get to this food, but there are at least two that can't. These cats are starving.  SOMETHING must be done.  I have very evil thoughts for this man.

Its people like him that we have such a problem in this city.  That mentality.  He doesn't understand how this helps to reduce the population.  He only sees cats, and white people.  Both of which he hates.  I just know this.

I wish we could come up with a solution for this.  Please help.

Have a good day.

"Stupidity has a certain charm.  
Ignorance does not."


  1. Sounds like this low life piece of crap needs a good tune up. You should have pepper sprayed his prejudice ass when he got in your face in a threatening manner while you were on the phone with 911.

  2. How about simply throwing the food on the ground? It's awful that it may get wet or dirty but at least their bellies may get some of it 'cause I'm sure this crapsack won't sweep it up.

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  4. Yes, forgo the plate and toss the food over the fence. Is there an out of sight place to dig a hole under the fence - maybe behind a bush?

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  6. Not sure where on Niagara Street this building is, but on the corner of Central Park & N Union (225 Central Pk & 340 N Union) are City owned lots. The one on N Union is showing vacant. Can you get a garden permit for that lot? Not sure if it's close to this building you mentioned tho?

  7. I too thought of buy smallest size dry food you can//kitten? and let it drop on grass...he aint gonna pick it up... walk on sidewalk and oops.. the bag must have had a hole in it.. also switch up time you go by there.. I k now, just what you need... scary thing is.. he could kill the cats to get back at you.. so one must walk carefully.