Friday, March 4, 2016

Things that Go Bump in the Night!

As I wandered out into the hood at 4 am. this morning, I thought to myself how eerily quiet it was.  Usually, there are cars whizzing past, going a hundred miles an hour down the city streets, cops here and there, sirens howling, but this morning, it was just plain quiet.  Which is nice!  I like it like that.  It allows me to listen for whatever I am supposed to hear.  I have been drawn to cries in the dark, on rare occasions, that have brought me to situations where an animal has needed help in some form or another.  I have many a times called 911 to report a dog in a bad situation, or a cat crying up a tree, or on a roof.  Well, I haven't called 911 to report a cat on a roof, but I have had to call in the help of friends one time or another to help assess whether or not the cat could get off the roof, or out of the tree.  Regardless, its nice when its quiet.

That silence was broken along the route though, I heard a very strange noise when I was walking to the back of the field on Garson.  At first I thought it sounded like a squealing car, but then the sound would stop, then start, then stop, then start, and I thought to myself that there are other animals besides cats, and dogs, out here.  I might not know what a fox, or a raccoon, or an opossum, or a skunk sounds like when its in distress, or whatever.  So I couldn't identify the sound, and it was far enough away that I didn't want to walk to investigate.  I just prayed that whatever it was, it wasn't hurt, or hungry.  Further on, down on Central Park, I heard a cat fight.  I shook my plastic coffee jug full of dry food and make the kissy noises, trying to break up what sounded like a very bad scuffle many houses away on the other street.  After I did this, silence again.  I hope they were curious enough to stop the fighting and follow the sound and find the stockpile of food I left. 

Everything I do in the early morning is done in the dark.  I wouldn't know if a cat is pregnant unless it walked up to me.  That's the downside of doing what I do in the early morning hours.  I will begin my TNR'ing first week of April this year.  Still snow on the ground.

Speaking of pregnant, Momma kitty was brought in for an x-ray yesterday, and it was discovered that she still had two babies inside her. This poor thing had been in labor for well over 24 hours.  An emergency spay was done and the babies were already dead, the sac inside had broken.  Such a sad story.  But the little champ, a boy, the lone survivor, I was told was drinking from the bottle like a pro.  What a strong little boy.  I will pick up the Momma kitty this morning at the vet and return her to my niece, a very thankful niece for her Auntie, and Karla from Keller's Kats.  Keller's Kats foster will nurse little baby boy until he is strong enough to eat on his own, and then we will get him adopted! 

What a week its been.  TGIF!

Recent pictures taken of Smudgie, the cat that I rescued early last year from Melville Street, in her happy home:  "Hi from miss smudge (or as Lucy still calls her FUDGE) and all of us. Smudge loves it when the kids have friends over!"

I still would love people to share their stories.  C'mon, there has to be something you can say?  Please write me at and share something.  It could be as cute as writing on behalf of the cat (or dog) you adopted from me, or from someone else, to how you became an animal lover, or WHATEVER.  Just share!  Thanks, and ...

Have a great day!


  • The cat makes over one hundred sounds, each of which has a meaning, at least to other cats.  His vocal range includes snarling, spitting, purring, hissing, screaming, growling, trilling, and the famous meow.
  • Even the purr has its own vocabulary.  Anxiety is shown by a sharp purr, pain by a deep purr, contentment by a soft purr.  And here I thought all purring was a sign of contentment!
  • The cat is the only mammal that can outstare man... and seems to enjoy doing it.
  • The cat has five toes on each forefoot and four on the hindfeet.  Did not know that!
  • When in an affectionate mood, cats have been known to pat a master's cheek, put their paws around his neck, or stand on hindfeet, clawing the air for attention.  Cats can open windows, turn handles, open refrigerator doors - and one on record taught himself to somersault by watching a dog perform.

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  1. I LOVE the Smudgster!! She has the cutest face and the best little smudge. :)